Life Extension Arthromax Reviews

Is Arthromax Any Good?

Life Extension Arthromax Is A Very Average Joint Supplement, And A Bit Overpriced. It’s Really Only For Vegans

The problem with Life Extension Arthromax Advanced isn’t so much that it’s a particularly bad joint supplement, in fact the dosage of everything in it is pretty solid, and the fact that it uses a vegan source of glucosamine is commendable. Most glucosamine comes from shellfish, and with it being one of the most prevalent joint supplements then Arthromax is hitting a niche here that should be serviced. 

In terms of the dosages of Boswellia and Collagen, there’s nothing wrong with this either, although neither are the most effective in terms of joint supplement ingredients Arthromax Advanced could’ve had. 

The Boron could’ve been an interesting inclusion if they’d gone for the 10mg dose recommended rather than 1.5mgs. 

As ingredients go, it could all be a lot worse, and it could all be much better. Athromax is pretty middling and this supplement is really just one for those who can’t have any shellfish products. There’s a lot of cheaper alternatives that contain the exact same ingredients, and a host of slightly more expensive (and we mean $10 more) that contain 4 times the ingredients and more expensive ones that have been shown to be more effective than Boswellia or Collagen and increasing joint mobility and reducing joint pain such as correctly dosed curcumin[1] or even the very well known omega 3 [2].

All in all athromax isn’t terrible though, it’s just a very standard low end joint supplement, with a premium price point due to the fact that it opts for a vegan (and consequentially more expensive) glucosamine.

We don’t generally recommend it, but if you’re struggling to find something to meet your dietary needs then Arthromax Advanced OK. 

However, we state that you should not confuse Arthromax Advanced, with Arthromax Elite, which is a complete disaster of a supplement with almost no ingredients relevant to joint health whatsoever. This is simply a cheap off the shelf supplement formula thrown into a bottle.

Supplements For Joint Pain

Customers Arthromax Reviews

So, we’re not saying that all the positive Arthromax Reviews are fake, but there’s definitely a fair few in there. For example, when you see people saying that the pills worked within an hour, that’s quite simply not how these supplements work. Glucosamine does not act that fast and neither does Boswellia. 

There were a lot of these, and it’s not overly uncommon in the supplements industry unfortunately. As such it was difficult to aggregate a reasonable estimate of whether sentiment was positive or negative. Removing the obviously fake reviews left us with a score of about 3.6-4.1 out of 5 across the Arthromax Amazon page and reddit/social accounts. Which is definitely lower than what is shown. At least this is the case for Arthromax Advanced. There was a lot less to go on for elite, meaning the numbers will be more skewed.  

Our Arthromax Tests

We asked Mike (one of our team members who has a chronic shoulder issue following an accident) to test Arthromax Advanced and Arthromax Elite for a few weeks and he wasn’t impressed. The Advanced formula he said did about as well as a budget glucosamine supplement, which is fine although his shoulder began to hurt more than it does when he takes FlexAgain. Although he believes it would be worse if he hadn’t supplement extra Omega 3 on top. 

As for the Arthromax Elite, the report was, as you’d expect it did nothing to help the joint pain whatsoever, and Mike was rather displeased, returning to his usual joint supplement of choice after a week.  

Arthromax Review FAQ

Common questions we came across whilst researching our Artho Max review

Does Arthromax Work?

For most people Arthromax Advanced should have a positive effect, however, the elite version will likely do nothing.

Arthromax Side Effects

Glucosamine can cause some side effects in high dosages, such as nausea or in rare cases inflammation, as such there could be some side effects present. 

Arthromax Ingredients

Arthromax Advanced 

Glucosamine sulfate 2KCI 1500 mg – whilst this version of glucosamine comes from corn, the relatively few studies that have been done on it show it to be as effective as the version more commonly used that comes from shellfish. This is also the optimal dose. And glucosamine is prescribed in a lot of countries for joint pain, making it one of the most scientifically backed ingredients that could be included in Arthromax. [2] 

AprèsFlex® (Boswellia serrata) 100 mg – Boswellia is a standard inclusion in most budget and high end joint supplements, it takes up a relatively small amount of capsule space and isn’t particularly expensive despite having a reasonable amount of scientific backing for it’s use. It’s been shown to be reasonably effective in OA patients at increasing mobility and reducing inflammation. [3] 

Collagen 10 mg – there are some studies that back the use of collagen [4] [5] however, there are as many studies that show it didn’t have any effect, or was only effective when taken within an hour of exercise [6] and even more that showed that the variability of results meant there was nothing statistically significant. As a result collagen is a middling ingredient for joint supplements like Arthromax, despite it being so commonly used. The reality is that it’s very cheap for manufacturers and has a lot of hype. 

Boron 1.5 mg – Boron has actually been shown to be effective at reducing OA symptoms since the 80s, although it’s effects are relatively minor it does also have a positive effect on muscle tissue growth and some other benefits which can support joint pain issues and inflammation [7]. The catch is that the optimum dose seems to be around 10mg not 1.5 although there is one study that suggests 1.5mg can still have some positive impact.

Arthromax Elite 

A proprietary blend of 650mg containing. 

Chinese skullcap extract (root) – the first issue here is that for it to be effective it needs to be dosed at 100mg/kilo of body weight. Which is about 100mg/2.2lb meaning that even if the entire supplement of 650mg was skullcap it would only be effective for someone weighing less than 20lb… which is an obvious issue. [8] And to make matters worse this is all based on animal studies. So there really isn’t much backing for it’s use. There is also some suggestion that the inclusion of skullcap could lead to arthromax side effects. 

White mulberry extract – Again this is mostly only backed by animal studies and only worked in similar dosage numbers as the Chinese skullcap, meaning this is also most likely entirely ineffective for treating joint pain, another misstep for our arhromax elite review. [9] 

Cutch tree extract – So this one actually has some human trials, and could be interesting, it’s been shown to work on people suffering from OA knee pain [10], but the dosages were 400mg, and seeing as the ingredients have to be listed from largest to smallest by law, the highest the dose could possibly be in Arthromax Elite is 200mg. Therefor another poor inclusion. There also aren’t many human trials to show that Cutch Tree Extract is effective at relieving joint pain, although some is better than none as demonstrated by the other ingredients here. 

Life Extension Arthromax Review Conclusion

All in all life extension seems to be pulling a fast one with the elite version of arthromax, but the arthromax advanced formula is scientifically sound enough that it should definitely help with joint pain. As we’ve mentioned before the only reason to go for this supplement over any of the multitude of better ones available is because that it’s vegan, but it’s not particularly bad either. 

A good dose of glucosamine and Boswellia is reasonably well backed at this point and we’re all for those as inclusions, even if there’s about a dozen more effective ingredients than Boswellia. 

If however you’re not vegan or vegetarian, we’d recommend taking something else from our best supplements for joint pain list. 

Supplements For Joint Pain
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 6/10
Pain Relief 6/10
Joint Health 6/10
Swelling 6/10
Value 6/10
Recommended 6/10


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