Nature’s Bounty Sleep3 Reviews

Does Sleep3 Work?

Sleep3 is ultimately just a melatonin supplement with a bit of extra marketing.

First off, let’s say Sleep3 is a budget supplement, so we can’t be too harsh on it as we should review it in the context of what it is a $15 supplement. And that is for a months worth of pills and considering each one contains a top end dose of melatonin at 10mg, that does make sleep3 reasonably priced for a supplement of it’s kind. Although it should be noted that 10mg of melatonin is way too much for a lot of people, particularly if they’ve not tried it before and can lead to Sleep3 side effects such as day time grogginess and nightmares. [1] Most people would be better off starting with 3-5mg dosages, and there are plenty of alternatives which split a 10mg dose between multiple capsules for this exact reason.

Even the dose of L theanine is fine at 200mg and is reasonably well backed to improve sleep, [2] so if they just marketed themselves on those ingredients Sleep3 would be fine. And only slightly overpriced for what it is.

However, the problems come in very swiftly afterwards when it starts making claims about it’s other ingredients.

The catch here is that it includes so little of the other ingredients that the won’t do anything at all, and they’re just there for marketing.

Valerian root for example requires 200mg to be effective, [3] and in Sleep3 it’s around 15mg, so we can see quite clearly it isn’t going to do a lot. The same goes for the rest of their 50mg herbal blend, there simply isn’t enough there, or in some cases the ingredients are ineffectual all together.

All in all there are much better alternatives, generally we recommend RestAgain which is a bit more expensive (coming in at double the price), but has effective dosages of the ingredients that Sleep3 has, as well as splitting the contents into 3 capsules so you can get used to having melatonin and 6 further ingredients that are actually proven to work orally, unlike the lavender in Sleep3, which has backing to function as a scent to aid sleep, but does nothing when consumed [4].

In short, Nature’s Bounty Sleep 3 is OK for it’s price point. But it’s marketing is misleading and you’d have to buy a more expensive supplement to get the right doses of the ingredients that Sleep3 claim you’ll benefit from.

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Customers Reviews of Sleep3

The customer reviews of Sleep3 are pretty good, with most people saying it works reasonably (as you’d expect from 10mg of melatonin), but there are also a lot of complaints about the side effects we mentioned as a result of the high dose of melatonin. 

All in all the 4* Sleep3 Amazon reviews are about what we’d expect to see, even factoring in for the few obviously fake ones this is about normal for high dosage melatonin supplements like this.   

Sleep3 Personal Experience

In short Sleep3 did work when we tested it, it worked quite well for normal bouts of insomnia as well as any other pure melatonin supplements. However, if we compare it to a more premium product like RestAgain, the 3 members of our team who have used Sleep3 over the past year self reported worse sleep quality by comparison. Time to get to sleep matched up similarly, but relief of other insomnia related symptoms such as stress and restlessness were reported as substantially lower. And perhaps the worst issue was that one of our testers Ryan, normally only takes 5mg of melatonin and he did mention side effects from Sleep3 as a result of the high dosage.

Sleep3 Ingredients

10mg Melatonin – Melatonin is fast acting and can start to make people sleepy within as little as 30 mins. It is the natural hormone that your body produces to let you know it's time to go to sleep. As we already covered in the intro, melatonin is well documented as a sleep aid, it’s known for not forming a habit by comparison to heavier alternatives and is often a first port of call as a recommendation by practitioners. The catch is as we mentioned this is a very high dose [1] and is not ideal for first time users of the supplement.

200mg L Theanine – L Theanine has been shown in multiple studies to improve sleep quality at doses of 200mg [5] so this is a solid inclusion for Sleep3, the same studies however have often shown that it does not improve the speed at which people fall asleep despite common claims around the amino acid. 

50mg blend of valerian root, lavender, chamomile and lemon balm – This is where we have some sleep3 complaints, as we’ve already mentioned valerian root requires 200mg [3] and lavender simply doesn’t work orally [4]. Valerian’s low dosage is a particular shame as it is one of the more well backed natural sleep aids for both increasing speed of getting to sleep and sleep quality. It’s also been shown to be quite good for stress and anxiety, a common cause of restlessness to begin with. 

Chamomile can work through oral supplementation, but in far higher doses (grams not milligrams, so 100X more) and typically works better when consumed as a tea. [6] Like valerian it does also seem to have some benefit for stress. 

And as for Lemon Balm, we’re in a similar boat as chamomile, and too make matters worse the studies on whether it works at all are very mixed. [7] There’s more evidence for it as a stress aid than as a sleep aid, although that isn’t to say that there’s none at all. Either way the dosage would need to be over 200mg, which is far more than can possibly be included in the 4 ingredient 50mg blend. 

Working with trying to keep everything in a single pill, Sleep3 would’ve been far better off looking to include GABA or 5htp, which can be dosed in just 200 or 100mg respectively.  

Sleep3 FAQ

Is Sleep3 Safe?

Sleep3 will be safe for most adults, although people should take care with melatonin as it can cuase daytime drowsiness for some.

Where Can I Buy Sleep3? 

Sleep3 is available on

How Many Sleep3 Should I Take?

Do not take more than one sleep3 tablet a day and we would not recommend taking it more than an hour before you plan to go to sleep.

Sleep3 Review Conclusion

To wrap up, as a very low budget sleep aid, Sleep3 isn’t bad, it’s not a good option for people who haven’t tried melatonin supplements before as there’s a good chance of it causing side effects. 

There are better options that can deliver on the extra benefits promised by sleep3, but they’re a bit more expensive as quite simply, they require more ingredients. 

The marketing is something of a let down and if you want some cheap melatonin pills there are other better options.   

In short, there’s nothing really wrong with nature’s bounty sleep3, but there’s absolutely nothing special about it either.  

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