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Does Golden Revive Plus Work?

Golden Revive Plus Has A Couple Of Decent Ingredients, But You Can Do A Lot Better For The Money

Golden Revive Plus has some good ingredients, it just only has two of them within their effective dosage ranges. That means that the bromelain and boswellic acid will have some health benefits for Golden Revive Plus to shout about. 

Quercetin could've been a particularly interesting inclusion, with it being relatively effective for less commonly focused on joint health conditions, but the dosage of 190mg is well below the 1000mg ideal dose. [1]

Then there's the vitamin blend which doesn't even hit double digits of your daily recommended intake, so we're not really sure what they think 7% of your vitamin C requirements are going to really do for joint pains. 

If it was a bit cheaper, we could've given it a decent score based on having at least 2 ingredients in their useful doses. Unfortunately for Golden Revive Plus, it simply doesn't compare to the other supplements in it's price range. 

The best of which contain these functional ingredients, the underdosed ones in Golden Revive Plus and more. Take for example FlexAgain, it has a functional vitamin blend, Bromelain, Boswellia, curcumin dosed correctly, unlike the half a dose in Golden Revive, and then 6 more ingredients that as if not more effective. 

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Golden Revive Plus Amazon Reviews

The verified golden revive plus reviews tend to fall into a split between 3 camps. Overall they were pretty favorable, which we expected, but there's a lot of fake ones in here too. With a lot of people talking about the taste as if it was a food product. We suspect that someone at the review service got confused about which product reviews they were spamming. 

However, once we filtered for this most suggested that it helped a little bit, but not as much as they'd hoped and certainly not as much as the marketing had claimed. The next most prevalent was the "it didn't work at all" camp which was relatively common.

On a positive note, there were limited references to Golden Revive Plus side effects. 

Golden Revive Plus Reviews Reddit

There weren't a whole lot of reddit reviews of Golden Revive Plus, with the majority of them being obvious attempts at selling the product, probably by the company themselves or people who work for them in one way or another. There was also a lot of spam Golden Revive Plus reviews here, with one of the most prominent listing a host of ingredients that aren't actually in the product.

We couldn't find any plausible positive or negative Golden Revive Plus reviews on reddit.

Golden Revive Plus Walmart Reviews

It's worth noting that there is a fake product currently avialable on Walmart. A quick look a the ingredients list will show that it is not the same, and as a result most of the negative reviews of Golden Revive Plus on Walmart reflect that. This may change should the legitimate product make it to the site. Many people don't realize that Walmart opens it's online store up as a marketplace for 3rd party sellers similarly to Amazon. Meaning that this is most likely not being sold by THE Walmart.

Golden Revive Plus Trust Pilot

We couldn't find an existing Trust Pilot Review for Golden Revive Plus.

Golden Revive Plus Our Personal Test

Now, we have two testers in particular on the Center TRT team who regularly take joint pain supplements. One for arthritis pain relief specifically and the other as a result of a serious shoulder injury. They both normally take FlexAgain which we rated as the number one joint pain supplement.

So, we asked them to try Golden Revive Plus for 6 weeks. Both thought it was poor, that their joint pain was notably worse after the switch and that quite simply put, it wasn't nearly as effective. 

Golden Revive Plus Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
●       ​Correct Dose Of Bromelain & Boswellia ●       Most Ingredients Are Underdosed
●       Good Customer Reviews On Amazon ●       ​Overpriced

Golden Revive Plus Review Conclusion

All in all Golden Revive Plus is by no means the worst on the market, it's got a couple of good ingredients which will definitely offer some joint health benefits. The catch is simply that there are much better options on the market than Golden Revive Plus.

The one saving grace it has that most of these better options aren't vegan so if your diet is particularly restrictive then it could be an option. But, even in that case we'd recommend getting a generic brand bromelain and boswellic acid supplement.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive supplement in the same price range then we recommend spending the extra $10 a month and getting FlexAgain instead. 

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