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Is Meno Any Good?

Meno is a bit mediocre as far as menopause supplements go.

Ultimately Meno is really overpriced for what they’re offering you, and if we compare it to the best menopause supplements on the market, then they have less of their functional ingredients (some in such little doses to have no effect at all). Cost the same amount, and have about a dozen less, ingredients many of which are far more impactful than anything in Meno. Now, that’s not to say Meno won’t do anything at all, just that you can get an awful lot more for your money.

The Vitamins in Meno are ok, Vitamin D and B6 are good for a menopause supplement, and frankly, most of us could use a bit more Vitamin D regardless of menopause. But, we really expect to see calcium, zinc, magnesium (which impact your hormones directly and are commonly deficient) and vitamin A as well if we’re looking at things we need more of during menopause. Vitamin A being particularly important for vaginal health during this time and Meno misses all of these.

As for the herbal extracts there just isn’t enough Ashwagandha in here to do anything, you need 300mg of the concentrated extract whereas Meno have just used a standard powder, meaning it’s at least 4 times under the dosage range. The Black Cohosh may be OK, but as they don’t specify exactly which flavonoids it’s been standardized for we can’t tell, and considering they’ve cheaped out in other areas we’re a bit sceptical as the version they should have used costs twice as much as the cheaper standardization that’s commonly available for the supplement industry.

As for Chasteberry, it’s one of the less effective ingredients for menopause supplements, the inclusion is fine, but considering you can get all of the other ingredients in their correct dosages, the vitamins we mentioned, along with more effective ingredients ranging from the probiotics you need for vaginal health and DHEA to help prevent osteoporosis all for the same price from EstroCare (the supplement we rated number 1) then we can’t recommend Meno Supplements.

There is also the question of Meno Gummies, and they’re slightly worse, because they use the higher yield ashwagandha that’s actually a little better, but still half what you need, the vitamins are the same, but the cohosh is in a lower yield format, making it worse on that front. There’s not much difference, and as a result we can’t recommend Meno Gummies either.

Best Menopause Supplement

Customers ​Meno Reviews

The customer reviews actually aren’t too bad overall, with them averaging 4.2* on Amazon. Of course as we mentioned in the intro there are a few ingredients in here that would make people feel a bit better. The positive customer reviews of Meno gummies tend to zero in on the taste, which we do agree is good. 

But, the general consensus of the more reserved reviews is that menopause sleep issues were improved, which is an effect of Ashwagandha and mood improvements seem to be described as moderate. 

Which is what we’d expect from vitamin D. The negative Meno reviews generally focus on the issue being simply that they didn’t work. There weren’t many reports of Meno side effects aside from nausea, which again is a known issue with Ashwagandha.  

Meno Review Conclusion

Meno does have a couple of good ingredients, and there aren’t a lot of gummy options for menopause supplements if you struggle with swallowing pills. There’s a fairly decent amount of legitimate customer reviews to suggest that they have some benefit. 

The catch, there are just better supplements out there and several of Meno’s ingredients are just not present in nearly high enough doses to be as effective as we’d like. If we compare it against the number one rated menopause supplement EstroCare, there really isn’t much of a contest. 

Not when there’s only a $10 a month price difference and you get four times more for you money the math just doesn’t add up. In short, if you’ve already bought Meno, it won’t do you any harm, but you can definitely do a lot better.  

Best Menopause Supplement
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Mood 4/10
Hot Flashes 4/10
Other Symptoms 3/10
Value 4/10
Recommended 4/10


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