Alani Nu Balance Reviews

Does ​​Alani Nu Balance Really Work?

Alani Nu Balance has some good ingredients, but there are better menopause supplements.

Alani Nu Balance is a dietary supplement designed for women by Alani Nu to "enhance and nourish your inner glow" and help a woman" harmonize hormones". It is available as either capsules or in a powdered form that comes in a choice of two flavours, which includes Hawaiian Shaved Ice or Rainbow Candy.

They claim it can support brighter skin, restorative sleep, weight management, mood improvement, a clear complexion and hormonal balance, and better energy levels and fertility. Unfortunately, after doing our own review, we can confirm that Alani Nu Balance simply will not be able to produce these results.

The Alani Nu Balance formula consists of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate calcium, nicotinate glycinate chelate, myo-inositol, setria l-glutathione, diindolylmethane, and sodium r-alpha lipoic acid. It then also contains a selection of "other ingredients", which varies depending on whether you use the powder or capsules.

The majority of the ingredients present in this Alani Nu supplement are admittedly very useful in this type of product if they are used correctly. Unfortunately, that is where we run into our first issues.

Four of the six ingredients present in the supplement are present in dosages that are either far too low to be of any use or so strong that they put you at a great risk of experiencing side effects. You then have another than has not been conclusively proven to affect you any way at all, good or bad.

Things then only get worse when you discover the very suspicious looking ratings on Amazon, the class action lawsuit that the Alani Nu customer service team currently face dealing with, or the woman who developed liver failure that has been directly attributed to the use of this particular product.

When you put all of this together, one well used ingredient, a decent price tag, and a choice of flavours for the powder version do not even come close to making this a product that we would suggest you try.

In fact, we would actually highly recommend that you do not buy this Alani Nu supplement (or any of their other supplements for that matter) and instead stick to using products that have actually been conclusively proven to safely achieve the goals that this one claims to, such as Estrocare.

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Customers ​Alani Nu Balance Reviews

When looking at the customer review section on Amazon, Alani Nu Balance actually looks pretty good in the beginning, as it currently holds an average review score of 4.4 out of 5 stars with past customers.

However, while you may be impressed by this, things start to look very suspicious when you realise that it has supposedly been "reviewed" by over 4,000 customers, yet not a single one of them has left an actual review, only a star rating. And considering that negative reviews of alani nu balance on other 3rd party platforms are the norm, generally scoring under 2* overall, this looks even more suspect.

The picture then gets a little clearer when you look outside of Amazon and discover two of the big issues currently facing the Alani Nu customer service team.

For starters, the company is currently being taken to court in a class action lawsuit specifically over the fact that the claims they print on each bottle of their supplements are unfounded. It states that not only will they not benefit your health but they could actually even make it worse.

Perhaps even more of an issue is that one woman who was taking this particular Alani Nu supplement ended up in hospital with liver failure and her doctors attributed her condition directly to the product.

When you put all of this together, it should be abundantly clear that you should, under no circumstances, risk using this or any of the other Alani Nu products, period.

Alani Nu Balance Review Conclusion

Alani Nu Balance is a product that says it helps women who are going through a tough period in their life regulate their hormones and improve their complexion, weight, and overall health in as little as a month. Unfortunately, we struggled to find any information to support these claims but plenty that refuted them.

From unproven ingredients and dosages that were either too low to work or so high they caused side effects, to lawsuits and medical issues linked to the company, it's simply not a brand or product you can trust. That is why we highly recommend you avoid it, generally we recommend Estrocare for most people. You get a lot more for your money and all it's ingredients are in the correct dosages unlike Alani Nu. 

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Ingredients 6/10
Mood 4/10
Hot Flashes 4/10
Other Symptoms 4/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10