Force Factor Smarter Greens Reviews

Is Force Factor Smarter Greens Good For You?

Force Factor Smarter Greens Isn't The Smart Choice It's Mostly Rice And Tapioca... Not What You Want From A Greens Supplement.

Force Factor Smarter Greens is a superfood powder that is designed to support digestion, immunity, and clean energy and nitric oxide production. Filled with fruits, greens, vegetables, exotic berries, and various other essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, it aims to give a wholesome boost to your daily nutrition.

Unfortunately, closer inspection reveals that not only will Force Factor Smarter Greens not support digestive health and your immune system nearly as well as it suggests, but it is also highly unlikely to support your health very much at all, while being tasting pretty bad too. 

Now, that's not to say it will do no good at all, it should have some minor anti oxidant benefits, but nothing that you couldn't get from other better tasting as cheap greens powders that offer a lot more.

Force Factor use their own greens blend which is split into four proprietary blends. These are the Greens & Vegetables Superfood Blend, Prebiotic Fiber & Fruits Superfood Blend, Probiotic Digestive Enzymes Blend, and Bioavailability Enhancement Matrix. It then also features a range of other non active ingredients as well.

Admittedly, the blends do use a number of ingredients that can promote a healthy digestive system, good immune responses, and better energy and nitric oxide production. However, these ingredients are then surrounded by ones that have little to no evidence to show that they will support your health at all.

While Force Factor have attempted to use multiple proprietary blends to hide the shortcomings of Smarter Greens, it is still fairly easy to see that the dosages of the proven ingredients are simply too low to lead to "smarter" health like the brand suggests. That's because ingredients in blends have to be listed from largest to smallest and it's pretty easy to work out the numbers. For example it's likely around 3g of rice protein powder or there wouldn't be that much protein on the labelling requirement as mathematically you can't get more than 100mg from the quinoa and chia in here based on the labelling order. And it gets worse when we factor in the carb numbers meaning you're getting a whole lot of tapioca too. 

And last time we checked, more than half of Smarter Greens being rice powder and tapioca isn't exactly what people are looking for in a greens supplement. In terms of actual "greens" we're looking at maybe about 2 grams of grasses and then some negligable amounts of anything else. This really isn't worth the money when you'd get a much better deal from just buying some plain spirulina powder and adding that to a smoothie.

Smarter Greens may sell itself on being very reasonably priced, naturally favoured, and free from sugar and artificial colors, but this is not enough to make up for all of its glaring deficiencies. This is especially true as many past customers are complaining about things like its poor taste, mixability, and overall quality as well.

This is why we highly recommend you avoid purchasing Force Factor Smarter Greens and instead suggest that you buy a greens powder that is actualyl transparent with it's blend. That way you know you're getting ingredients that provvide the benefits you're looking for in doses that actually work.

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What Does Smarter Greens Taste Like?

Terrible. Which is actually quite surprising seeing as there's hardly any greens in here. Even mixed into smoothies it still came out tasting pretty poor and mixed badly. 

Somehow it was both btter and artificially ​saccharineat the same time. Normally there's some debate in the office, but out of 7 of us who tried it, everyone else refused. 

Not one person defended the taste. 

Smater Greens is as it stands our official worst tasting greens powder. 

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Force Factor Smarter Greens Superfoods Powder Ingredients

Greens & Vegetable Superfoods Blend - 9,000 MG

The greens and vegetables blend is, by far, the largest part of the Force Factor Smarter Greens Superfoods Powder formula, in weight as well as the number of ingredients that it contains, as it features a whopping 24 different greens and vegetables.

It has brown rice protein concentrate, wheatgrass powder (aerial parts), barley grass powder (aerial parts), quinoa powder, chia seed powder, green tea leaf extract, onion bulb extract, broccoli concentrate, turmeric concentrate, garlic clove concentrate, basil leaf concentrate, oregano leaf concentrate, cinnamon bark concentrate, carrot root concentrate, spinach leaf concentrate, kale leaf concentrate, Brussels sprout concentrate, sunflower seed powder, flax seed powder, lentil sprout powder, alfalfa sprout powder, aloe vera powder (leaf), African plum tree extract (aerial parts), and sweet potato root powder.

While, on the surface, containing all the nutrients that it does looks amazing, people who have studied greens powders will know that it usually also means that each is present in such a small dose that it simply won't be able to be of much use.  We can also assume that the rice protein, which isn't really good for anything here, has to make up at least 2500mg of the blend, most likely closer to 3000 due to Smarter Greens protein content, with the rest coming from quinoa and chia, but they're looking likely to be less than 1000mg combined. Realistically you're probably getting about 2000mg of weatgrass and something similar of barely. Two of the cheapest ingredients in greens powders, and the lower end of nutritional content. Generally you want to look for ingredients like spirulina, kale, collards or spinach to be at the top of the ingredients list, with grasses making the smallest amount of the blend as these have a lot more health benefits to offer.

Then there is the fact that all of the ingredients are lumped together in a proprietary blend, which is always a red flag as it hides the ingredient dosages and is usually used as a way to try and mask the fact that a supplement is not well made.

You combine these two facts together and it is already looking highly doubtful that Force Factor Smarter Greens will be of much use before we have even started our more detailed analysis.

Then we get to the actual ingredients themselves.

While there are some that will support digestion, immunity & nitric oxide production like the label suggests, such as the green tea and brown rice protein, the greens blend is also full of ingredients that have no proof they will do anything, like carrot concentrate, sweet potato powder, or African plum tree extract (1)(2).

While this is never ideal, throwing them all together in a massive blend with no dosages listed of anything all but guarantees that not only will they not do you any good, but that the company is likely well aware of this and is hiding the information to sell you a cheaply made and ineffective product. If you're just looking for something to boost nitric oxide production, you'd be better off with a reds powder (with beets as the main ingredients).

Prebiotic Fiber & Fruit Superfoods Blend - 2,000 MG

The second largest blend in the Force Factor Smarter Greens Superfoods Powder formula includes premium probiotics and various fruits, which amounts to 23 different fruits and prebiotics in total.

It uses FiberSMART organic tapioca fiber, fructooligosaccharides (FOS) from inulin, coffea arabica extract (whole fruit), apple fruit extract, quercetin, camu camu fruit concentrate, tomato fruit concentrate, acerola fruit extract, acai fruit concentrate, elderberry fruit concentrate, mangosteen fruit concentrate, blueberry fruit extract, blackcurrant fruit extract, sweet cherry fruit concentrate, raspberry concentrate, chokeberry fruit concentrate, blackberry fruit concentrate, bilberry fruit extract, banana fruit powder, pineapple fruit powder, pumpkin fruit powder, goji berry root powder, and grape seed extract.

The inulin and tapioca fiber can indeed support blood flow, to supply the essential vitamins and minerals the body craves to keep the digestive system healthy (3). Having them listed fist in the blend is also somewhat promising, as it means they will be the most abundant ingredients present. That said, tapioca isn't what anyone is looking for in a greens powder.

The problem is the range of fruits present. While most are indeed rich in essential vitamins and minerals, many have only ever been shown to be capable of benefitting your health if you consume the fresh fruits themselves or take massive doses of their concentrates.

What's more, the sheer number present in a blend that isn't that heavy to begin with means that only tiny amounts of both them and the fibres will be present. This not only ensures that the fruits won't do you any good, but also makes it highly likely that the fibres present in Smarter Greens will be of no use as well.

Probiotic Enzyme Blend - 50 MG

The Force Factor Smarter Greens Superfoods Powder Probiotic Enzyme Blend features a combination of digestive enzymes that includes protease, amylase, papain, bromelain, lactase, and the patented LactoSpore Probiotics bacillus coagulans.

Digestive enzymes are undoubtedly a great way to help you achieve better digestion and gut health, as are the LactoSpore probiotics. However, they do not all have the exact same effects or level of efficacy.

While the digestive enzymes listed here are indeed all beneficial, the blend also misses four of the seven most important ones, which are cellulase, lipase, maltase, sucrase. They then include just a single probiotic, which is listed at the very bottom of the blend.

What's more, the recommended dosage of individual digestive enzymes is usually hundreds of milligrams per day, while the entire Force Factor Smarter Greens Probiotic Enzyme Blend weighs just 50 mg (4).

The probiotics, meanwhile, should be listed in CFU (colony forming units), rather than mg, so we have no idea what they will be capable of doing here (5).

Put all of this together, and the Smarter Greens Probiotic Enzymes Blend just isn't going to give you the daily boost to your gut health that you are hoping.

Bioavailability Enhancement Matrix - 5 MG

The final blend in the Force Factor Smarter Greens Superfoods Powder formula is the Bioavailability Enhancement Matrix, which consists of just two ingredients, BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract and red bell pepper fruit powder.

Black pepper extract contains a compound called piperine, which is what gives black pepper its pungent taste, and it can offer health benefits such as reducing inflammation and aiding weight loss.

It is also often put in supplements as it is a bioavailability enhancer, which means that it makes the other ingredients present easier to absorb and more effective.

Red bell pepper fruit powder contains capsaicin, which is cost commonly found in cayenne pepper. While it serves the same functions as black pepper, it is more effective at boosting your metabolism, burning fat, and reducing inflammation, while not being quite as effective when it comes to bioavailability enhancement.

The problem is, you need to take a minimum of 20 mg of black pepper fruit extract and and 30 mg of red bell pepper fruit powder per day to see these benefits (6)(7).

As Force Factor Smarter Greens contains just 5 mg of these two pepper extracts combined, it is simply far too weak to be able to do anything at all, let alone promote enhanced absorption of the other ingredients.

Other Ingredients

Beyond its key active ingredients, Force Factor Smarter Greens Superfoods Powder also contains a range of other ingredients that includes a Gum Blend of cellulose gum, xanthan gum, and carrageenan, natural flavours, stevia, and monk fruit.

These ingredients have been included solely to improve the taste and texture of the product, rather than to boost your daily nutrition or provide any health benefits. However, given the customer reviews of the product that we are about to examine, the less said about them the better.

Force Factor Smarter Greens Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
- ​Contains a large number of beneficial ingredients - ​Miniscule dosages mean its proven ingredients won't do you any good
- ​Features a very affordable price tag and no sugar or artificial colors, flavours, or sweeteners - ​Filled with ingredients not proven to offer any health benefits
- ​Customers have complained that it is impossible to achieve desired taste or texture levels to make the product enjoyable to use
- There have been virtually no reports that the product works, while some people have experienced force factor smarter greens side effects

Force Factor Smarter Greens Review Conclusion

On the surface, Force Factor Smarter Greens powder seems to be a reasonably priced greens powder that will provide more than enough key nutrients and wholesome nutrition to help you overcome a poor diet. As soon as you look a little closer though, it quickly becomes clear that this is far from being the case.

From visibly tiny ingredient doses, unproven ingredients, and a number of proprietary blends, to complaints from past users about things like its poor mixability, vile taste, and inability to produce any real health benefits, it simply fails in every way, which is why we suggest you do not but Force Factor Smarter Greens.

Generally we recommend Live It Up Greens as a budget option, it's a little bit more expensive, $5 a month more.  But, it comes in a choice of flavors that actually taste good and whilst it does also use a proprietary blend the main ingredients are spirulina and chlorella, actual greens, and good ones. Then after that we get some grasses. 

There are of course, better and transparent premium options like Super Green Tonik which we also rate highly. But if you're looking for a good greens powder, we have put a handy buyers guide together below.

Best Super Green Options
Criteria Rating
Taste 1/10
Essential Nutrients 2/10
Health Benefits 3/10
Ingredient Quality 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10