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Does Bio X4 Really Work?

Bio X4: Nice Idea, Bad Product

We really liked the idea of Bio X4, a weight loss aid that targets both the probiotic supplement side of things and includes ingredients that help manage appetite and cravings. It's just a shame that they completely missed the mark on the appetite suppression and craving control blend. And we do mean completely. They decided in their infinite wisdom to use the two worst ingredients in modern weight loss supplements for these aspects and as you'd expect this is going to be reflected in our Bio X4 review.

Green tea extract is something we're barely OK with in a weight loss supplement, it doesn't come close to functioning as well as glucomannan for hunger management, doesn't really provide any thermogenic benefit and is an all around low tier option. As for the craving control blend, the less said about it the better, the only ingredient in said blend, Caralluma Fimbriata, has been shown to have no impact in humans (there were previously some successful studies in animals, which is clearly how this ingredient made it into Bio X4). There is an option that does actually work, 5HTP, previously only available from clinicians, it's now available over the counter and has been proven to be effective in both trials and understood well enough that it's effects can been seen via brain scan when people were shown to have less interest in high calorie foods after taking the supplement.

If the question is does bio x4 work? The answer is yes, but negligibly and you'd be far better off with a focused weight loss aid like hourglass fit (which contains both glucomannan and 5htp) and a probiotic supplement.

What Does Bio X4 Claim To Do?

Bio X4 claims that it will improve gut health, manage cravings, aid weight management and boost metabolism. The first claim we have no issues, it will improve gut health. Everything else is where the pseudoscience comes in. There is some evidence to suggest that a healthier gut will help with cravings. However, most of this is correlation data, and you also have to change your dietary habits which in and of itself will help cravings drop over time. 

Most of the studies show that there isn't really much evidence to support the efficacy against a placebo.As for weight management, they rely heavily on the green tea extract, which whilst it is in a lot of good fat burners, it's usually the last ingredient thrown in to bulk out the mix as it's benefits are negligible compared to others.As for boosting metabolism, there isn't any real evidence to suggest that a probiotic supplement can do this.

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Bio X4 Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Bio X4.

How To Take Bio X4

Bio X4 recommend that you take 1 capsule with each meal, 3 times per day.

Does Bio X4 Really Work?

No, at least not in the way it claims, if the question however was is bio x4 a scam? We'd also say no. It does sort of work, just barely.

Bio X4 Side Effects

There shouldn't be any notable side effects from bio x4. However, some customers complained of mild bloating. Probiotic supplements can also be risky for people with bowel conditions in certain circumstances.

Bio X4 Ingredients

The ingredients breakdown for Bio X4 is going to be relatively short, we've got a few bacteria and some ineffective weight loss supplements.

We've got the full named versions of the following enzymes:

Amylase which breaks down sugars.
Lipase a digestive enzyme which targets fat.
Bromelain is an enzyme which breaks down protein.

This is all fine in a probiotic, nothing to see here.

Then we have the green tea extract for weight management. This really is only negligably effective. [1]Then we have Caralluma Fimbriata to which one study of 60 people backed it's use [2] every other study however has found this not to be the case, which is why it doesn't make it into any other weight loss aid.

Next up is the Lactobacillus blend, this is actually fine, most people aren't short of these bacteria included in bio x4 supplements. But at the same time there's nothing wrong with it being here. It just isn't going to do anything to help you lose weight.

The last part of nucific's bio x4 supplement is it's bifidobacterium, these are the bacteria that live in and around the intestines. 

They help combat diarrhea and help maintain a healthy intestinal tract, but again nothing to do with weight loss.

Bio X4 Review Conclusion

In short Bio X4 is part of a growing trend of just slapping weight loss on the side of a health product and telling the marketing team to "go get em" not actually a weight loss product. This is really common with probiotics right now because a couple of sketchy studies showed some correlation with gut health and weight loss, but most didn't account for healthy eating itself improving gut health.

Which is a shame, because to be quite honest they've come closer to making something that actually does this job properly when they started to include ingredients that you'd actually see in a dedicated appetite suppressant or fat burner, which does actually make them a little bit better than their closest competitor biofit who didn't even bother to do that.The idea is good, the execution is terrible. 

We can only assume that Bio X4 chose green tea extract to save money. In short, Bio X4 is not a good supplement for anybody, never mind anybody trying to lose weight. The digestive enzymes are fine, but you could get a better blend of healthy bacteria from other cheaper competitors and your weight loss efforts would be far better supported by a proper weight loss supplement like hourglass fit. We'd recommend you pass on Bio x4 and get a cheap probiotic along with one of the best fat burners.

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 1/10
Thermogenic Boost 2/10
Energy Boost 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Ingredients Quality 5/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 2/10

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