Neuriva Relax and Sleep Reviews

Does Neuriva relax and sleep work?

We didn't think a $18 supplement could be poor value, but Neuriva Relax & Sleep managed it.

Neuriva relax and sleep is melatonin free and functional doses of any ingredients at all free. Neuriva sleep plus doesn't fair much better seeing as it's 1mg dose of melatonin would be enough for a small child to feel an effect, but that's about it. Even the L theanine is underdosed, although this is at least close to what you'd expect, but you'd be better off just buying some L Theanine capsules that are ideally dosed to 250mg and saving a bit of money. 

Both Neuriva Sleep Plus and Relax and Sleep both have 120mg of Ashwagandha which is less than half of what it should be to actually have any effect, and we could by all rights pretty much wrap the review up there as there's very little else to say about the Neuriva sleep aid. It's an under dosed supplement, that you'd have to take 2 or 3 of for most of the ingredients to be effective and even then it still wouldn't be great. Any of the individual ingredients would result in better sleep than you'll get from this combined supplement. 

All in all we don't recommend Neuriva Relax & Sleep or any other Neuriva Sleep Aid. We'd recommend that you get a sleep aid with the correct doses of these ingredients as they are actually beneficial, and they have as Neuriva Relax & Sleep claims, shown positive results for improving sleep quality and helping people fall asleep faster in clinical trails. RestAgain is currently our number one rated sleep aid, which has these and 8 other clinically tested ingredients in their correct doses.

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Customers Neuriva Relax and Sleep Reviews

The star rating from customers reviews of neuriva relax & sleep and the written reviews of neuriva on amazon tell quite a different story. There's a lot of vine reviews (customers who received the product for free which are notoriously positive) and a lot of negative reviews. We'd say we're inclined to side with the customers that said it did nothing to support restorative sleep. The L Theanine could work to help with everyday stress and improve sleep quality to some extent, but Neuriva is reliant solely on this ingredient as everything else in Neuriva relax & sleep is underdosed. A few people cited mild nausea from Ashwagandha which can happen although the dose in the nightly sleep support supplement should be low enough that we didn't expect to see this. 

Neuriva Sleep Aid Review Conclusion

We don't recommend Neuriva relax & sleep to improve sleep quality, it's not well dosed and there are infinitely better options. We'd recommend buying RestAgain instead with one days supply having more than 9 times the active ingredients for your money. And yes, it does cost $20 more for a months supply, but even if you only took one capsule daily rather than the 3 they suggest you'd still be getting 3 times the product and 3 months supply for twice the price. As a result we can't even say Neuriva Relax & Sleep is a good budget option and the same applies to Neuriva Sleep Plus. All in all not a great option, sure it will have some impact from the L Theanine, but that's about it. If you're completely stuck for budget, you'd be better off getting a straight up L Theanine supplement not Neuriva sleep. 

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