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Is Equelle Any Good?

Equelle is not great, and there's way better in this price range.

Equelle is a dairy and gluten free multi-symptom menopause relief supplement that is designed to help menopausal women reduce hot flashes, boost sleep quality, alleviate mood swings, relieve muscle aches, support healthy bones, and combat all of the vaginal symptoms of the menopause.

It claims to do this by mimicking the effects of oestrogen, while being completely plant based and hormone free, causing no RX interactions, and being available without a prescription. However, after doing our own Equelle review, it appears the results may not be quite as good as the brand claims.

The Equelle formula contains just two active ingredients, calcium and s-equol, as well as a lengthy list of “other ingredients” that are used solely to stabilise the pills and make them more pleasant to use.

One of the ingredients is both useful and present in an optimal dose, but the other, which is deemed the core ingredient of the formula, has not been conclusively proven to combat the symptoms of the menopause and is present in a dose that is far too low to do so even if it turns out it can.

The lengthy list of “other ingredients” that it contains then also increases the likelihood that it causes you to experience side effects as well.

Admittedly, the product does have a fairly reasonable price tag, which may be enough to lure some women in. However, you should not be fooled, as being cheap is far from enough to make it a good  purchase, given how ineffective it is likely to be, as it is essentially an overpriced calcium supplement.

That is why we highly recommend that you do not buy Equelle. The 2 ingredients in Equelle are contained in much better supplements with soy in a better dose and with a dozen other more effective ingredients we generally recommend EstroCare to most people.

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Customers ​Equelle Reviews

Equelle currently holds an average rating score of 4 out of 5 stars based on reviews from past users on Amazon, which looks fairly reasonable on the surface. 

When looking at the positive reviews themselves though, while some did mention that it helped to provide some mild relief from their hot flashes, even if it took quite a while to start working, most of the positive reviews simply focused on the price of the product, claiming that it offered good value. 

However, even some of the positive reviews suggested that taking Equelle caused them to experience some side effects, the most notable of which was weight gain. 

When moving to look at the negative customer reviews, we then found women complaining about all manner of things, from the pills being too big to take and them not providing any benefits at all, to experiencing a wide range of side effects. 

These side effects included things like nausea, weight gain, chills, diarrhoea, clamminess, weakness, vomiting, and even the worsening of their hot flashes. 

This all supports our initial conclusion, which is that Equelle is an ineffective menopause relief supplement that is, in actuality, nothing more than an overpriced calcium supplement. 

Equelle Review Conclusion

Equelle claims to be a multi-symptom menopause relief supplement that can restore your hormonal balance and treat or prevent a variety of menopause symptoms, the most notable of which being hot flashes. In reality though, Equelle is an overpriced calcium supplement that will not do most of this. 

From a main ingredient that has not been conclusively proven to have any effect on menopause symptoms and which is not present in a suitable dose even if it can, to complaints from customers and a high soy content, Equelle is simply an ineffective supplement we strongly suggest you avoid. Instead, we suggest you try EstroCare. 

A multi-symptom menopause relief supplement that is packed with optimal doses of a wide range of proven ingredients, includign those in Equelle has a much higher chance of working for menopause symptoms, to help women forget about the menopause and get on with living their life.  

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Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Mood 2/10
Hot Flashes 3/10
Other Symptoms 2/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 3/10


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