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Does Focus Factor Work?

Good By Super Market Standards Focus Factor Is Mediocre Overall.

Focus Factor is an American-made nootropic supplement designed to improve memory, concentration, and mental focus.

Like many nootropics, Focus Factor includes a long list of ingredients including many vitamins and minerals. As such, it doubles up as a decent multivitamin as well as a reasonable, if somewhat outdated, nootropic.

Compared with other supermarket nootropics, Focus Factor stands out as a high-end product with several effective ingredients. 

However, considered in relation to what is now available online, Focus Factor lacks the cutting-edge ingredients verified by modern research. This is a common issue for the supermarket brands, as it becomes too expensive to make formula changes. 

If Focus Factor said their previous formula outdated and all the back stock in stores is a worse product it becomes very hard to sell the older product.

As such they tend to be very reluctant to update. 

In addition, many of the best ingredients included in Focus Factor are hidden within a proprietary blend, which means we have no idea how much of each is actually in the product. And relaistically it seems likely that a lot of the ingredients would have to be under dosed (meaning there's less of certain ingredients than they need to be effective), because the numbers would make correct dosing of all of them impossible.

For a fully dosed nootropic, we recommend Hunter Focus. It's about $5/month more expensive than focus factor, but you get almost double the supplement for your money. 

What’s more, Hunter Focus transparently displays what is included in each capsule on the ingredients list—so you know exactly what you’re buying!

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Does Focus Factor Really Work? 

Focus Factor has proven effective in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies conducted by the manufacturer. These studies showed a reasonable increase in concentration, an improvement in memory and recall, and an overall boost of focus among participants.  While we believe these results are plausible based on the ingredients, you are almost guaranteed to get better results with a more sophisticated focus-boosting supplement.  The array of vitamins and minerals included in Focus Factor will be able to rectify any deficiencies that will likely result in quick wins, but beyond that, the results will be more ambiguous. Some improvements can be expected.  

Customers Focus Factor Reviews

Customer reviews of Focus Factor are by and large positive. This is no surprise as we’ve said, Focus Factor is not a bad nootropic, it’s just not one of the best.    

Focus Factor Original has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, indicating a generally positive response from users. However, it is essential to consider both positive and negative focus factor reviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of customers' experiences.

Aside from the obvious complaints about Focus Factor simply not working one of the main criticisms that gets mentioned again and again is the size of the pills. Many customers are complaining that the pills are too large, and, indeed, our own experience can confirm the pills are larger than normal.   

Some customers even went as far as to claim the size of the pills is a health risk and could cause choking. We’re not sure about that, but they certainly are larger than normal.   

There were however a reasonable customers also noted their satisfaction with the actual results, reporting improved memory, concentration, and brain functioning.

Lastly it should be noted that there does seem to be a large amount of incentivised reviews and if we discount those the average rating is more like 3.5*.

Focus Factor Reviews FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions for our focus factor review

What are the benefits of Focus Factor?  

The main benefits associated with Focus Factor are increased concentration, focus, and memory. It is also a complete multivitamin.

What is the main ingredients in Focus Factor?  

The bulk of Focus Factor is comprised of a proprietary blend. The ingredients included in the blend are displayed, but not the quantities. Therefore, it is impossible to know what the main ingredients in Focus Factor are. We do know that it contains a lot of vitamin C (250mg), magnesium (100mg), and potassium (50mg). Although these amounts don’t reflect the quantities needed by the human body, e.g. 50mg of potassium equates to just one percent of your daily recommended amount.

Are there any side effects from Focus Factor?  

Studies showed a variety of Focus Factor side effects amongst a small minority of participants (less than 2%). These side effects included nausea, cramps, indigestion, headaches, and bloating. However, similar side effects were reported among the placebo group.

Focus Factor is not recommended for use by pregnant women and the Original blend should not be used by children— Focus Factor also offer a special formula specially designed for children.

Interestingly, the clinical trial conducted on Focus Factor Original reported that participants taking placebo pills experienced more side effects than those taking the actual supplement. This finding suggests that the supplement is unlikely to cause adverse effects.

When should I take Focus Factor?  

Focus Factor recommend taking four capsules per day with food. It is possible to safely consume up to eight capsules per day depending on your weight and activity level.

Focus Factor Ingredients

The main issue with the Focus Factor ingredients is the proprietary blend. We simply don’t know what’s in it. They share the ingredients but not the amounts. This means we don’t know if beneficial ingredients in the blend, such as vinpocetine (which increases blood flow to the brain and protects neurones), are included at effective dosages.

We always warn our readers to stay away from proprietary blends for this reason. Top-quality products, such as Hunter Focus (read full review here), do not hide their ingredients, they provide a transparent breakdown of exactly what’s in the formula.

So, taking this inherent drawback into account, let’s turn to the ingredients themselves and ignore the question of dosages for now. Due to the high number of ingredients in this nootropic, we’re going to focus on a selection of the most note-worthy ingredients.

Vitamin B6 - Important in the creation of neurotransmitters that carrier chemical messages around the brain. With a 15mg dose included in every capsule, you’ll be getting all the B6 you need with Focus Factor.

Vitamin D - An excellent all-around health booster, vitamin D is also a neuroprotective vitamin that improves overall brain function and increases immune system efficiency. Focus Factor includes only a very small dose of vitamin D. Even considering the number of capsules you are supposed to take each day, you’re still not getting close to a decent amount of vitamin D.

Niacin - Protects brain cells from stress and injury. Niacin deficiencies are also known to cause memory loss.

Dimethylaminoethanol - Included at an unknown amount in the proprietary blend, dimethylaminoethanol is nonetheless a powerful brain-boosting ingredient. It is known to increase the production of acetylcholine, which is a vital neurotransmitter.

Vinpocetine - Used in many countries to treat cerebrovascular disorders (stroke, dementia), vinpocetine is a verified memory improver and brain function booster. As with dimethylaminoethanol, vinpocetine is part of the proprietary blend and as such we have no idea how much is actually included.

Bacopin - Also in the proprietary blend is bacopa, listed under the registered name Bacopin. Bacopa is a plant extract used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is thought to increase thinking capacity and memory. It has also been suggested that bacopa might help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Its ability to improve cognitive ability has been proven.

L-glutamine - An essential source of energy for your nervous system, glutamine also boosts the production of two types of neurotransmitters. Unfortunately, due once again to the proprietary blend, we have no idea how much L-glutamine is included in Focus Factor.

Boron - Another proprietary blend ingredient is boron, which is known to boost brain activity and increase short-term memory performance. It also improves hand-eye coordination.

Phosphatidylserine - This substance wraps itself around brain cells to protect them and acts as a messenger between cells. As you age your body struggles to produce this and the total amount in the brain will decrease.

Docosahexaenoic Acid Concentrate - Essentially, this is just fish oil, which is perhaps the most commonly recognised and most widely used cognitive booster around. Focus Factor includes a blend of anchovy, sardine, and salmon oils.

Vitamin A - While vital for life, it is unclear what role vitamin A plays in daily brain function. The B vitamins are generally considered the most important for cognitive performance. There is little to no evidence suggesting vitamin A will improve concentration, memory, or brain functioning in a significant way.  

Focus Factor Review Conclusion

Focus Factor is a decent off-the-shelf nootropic. It includes an array of essential vitamins that mean it can replace the use of a multivitamin and it does also include ingredients that are proven to boost brain functioning.     

Unfortunately, the majority of the best ingredients are included in the proprietary blend, which means we don’t know how much of each is included in each capsule of Focus Factor. Without knowing the amounts it is hard to judge the effectiveness of this brain booster.     

On top of this, many customers report that the overly large capsules are difficult to swallow. But drawbacks considered, Focus Factor is not bad, but Hunter Focus remains our top choice of nootropic.   

Check Hunter Instead
Criteria Rating
Focus 6/10
Memory 6/10
Stress 6/10
Brain Protection 6/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Value 6/10
Recommended 6/10