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Is Instaflex Any Good?

Instaflex Advanced Is OK For The Mid Range

Instaflex is a really good budget option as far as joint health supplements go, it's not a comprehensive blend, and you'll probably want to make sure you take an omega oil supplement as well, but Instaflex isn't bad. There's a couple of good ingredients in here, turmeric extract, resveratrol and boswellia are all good options, a slightly higher dose of turmeric extract could've improved the supplement, but instaflex's main line product is relatively affordable when compared to the better supplements on the market. That's not to say that the more expensive options are bad value, they often do have 3x the active ingredients for double the price, but if you have a budget cap of $30 a month, then you could do worse than instaflex.

Instaflex does fall foul of the supplement markets bad habit of including ineffective ingredients because they sound good, for example hyaluronic acid does in fact benefit joint pain, when injected into the site, however, it doesn't actually work when consumed orally, or at least the current evidence suggests that it doesn't do very much against placebos for bolstering joint health.

All in all instaflex advanced is pretty good, it just misses out on a couple of good ingredients, and under doses turmeric, we would recommend Flex Pro and an store brand omega oil supplement as a more effective solution.

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What Does Instaflex Claim To Do?

Instaflex claim that taking it will, reduce stiffness, improve flexability, enhance mobility and relieve joint pain in just one week. The last bit is really the only thing we don't agree with, it could help within a week, but it's not something they should promise. In general though this is a pretty tame set of marketing claims, so we don't have too much issue here.

Customers Instflex Reviews

The majority of instaflex reviews are pretty positive, with most people saying it has helped with their joint pain, several have said there are other joint supplements which are better, and they've since moved onto other products, but were still relatively positive about instaflex. As far as joint health supplements go, having a rating of over 4* on amazon is pretty positive, especially when we filtered through it became apparent that the vast majority of instaflex customer reviews were legitimate.

Instaflex Review FAQ

Common questions we came across whilst researching our Instaflex review

Does Instaflex Work?

Instaflex should work, to a point, the resveratrol is correctly dosed at 100mg, and resveratrol has been shown to be effective for joint pain relief [1]. Some of the ingredients aren't highly enough dosed, but instaflex advanced should work somewhat effectively for most people.

Is Instaflex FDA Approved?

Instaflex, like all natural supplements, doesn't require FDA approval, there are manufacturing guidelines that they adhere to, but they do not need to be specifically regulated by the FDA.

Instaflex Joint Health

If we're talking about instaflex then we have to have a look at Instaflex Joint Health vs Instaflex Advanced Joint Support, that's right, instaflex have two very different formulas available. Instaflex joint health, is actually a really good formula, but it's only available online and also under doses a few ingredients and it's price point has it competing against the best joint supplements on the market.

It also includes 500mg of MSM, which takes up a lot of space, but won't do very much as effective doses are closer to 3-6grams. Glucosamine is good, but you don't need so much, 800mg is fine for which isntaflex doubles up on. As a result it is a good joint supplement, it just misses the mark ever so slightly. The rest of the ingredients are solid with the exception of the hyaluronic acid.

Instaflex Ingredients

Instaflex gets the ingredients right, for the most part, it just under doses a couple of ingredients.

Turmeric Extract - A mainstay in every good joint supplement as it's been proven time and time again as shown in multiple meta analysis of double blind trials [2]. The problem is that most of the studies show higher doses are more effective with 500-1000mg being recommended. And unfortunately instaflex only contains 200mg.

Resveratrol - This is dosed at 100mg which is right, we've already mentioned that resveratrol works quite effectively in supporting joint health, but also helps support other areas of healthy ageing, having benefits to cognitive function as well.

Boswellia Serrata - It's a a little early to say how effective this ingredient is, there have been some positive studies in relation to knee pain, [3] but we can't fully recommend it's use in a joint health supplement just yet as these weren't placebo controlled.

Type 2 collagen - has been shown to be effective at reducing arthritis pain and improving joint function [4], there aren't a huge amount of human studies, but there are enough to suggest the ingredient is pretty effective. The problem is, that collagen supplementation needs to be above 1000mg to have it's maximum efficacy, and instaflex only contains 100mg.

Hyaluronic acid - Injections of hyaluronic acid work, oral supplementation however appears to be ineffective for relieving joint pain.

Black Pepper Extract - this is in a lot of supplements, it won't do anything to reduce joint pain, but that's not why it's included, black pepper extract helps you absorb vitamins and miners more effectively.

Instaflex Review Conclusion

Instaflex joint support contains good ingredients, but unfortunately falls short in terms of the dosages. The idea behind the product is great, we just can't recommend it when there are similar products that are properly dosed. It seems that Instaflex were more interested in trying to keep the dosage down to one capsule than making a blend that would be most effective.

When a supplement wants to keep the overall tablet size below 1000mg they should focus on ingredients which work in such small dosages, unfortunately Instaflex chose not to and due to the way they've blended the supplement, you can't simply double up to make it effective.

Unfortunately for Instaflex, Physio Flex Pro, did this a lot better although they went for a 2 capsules per serving blend. In short, if you've already bought Instaflex, then there's nothing wrong with finishing it off, however, we'd recommend Physio Flex Pro instead as it contains similar ingredients, but in the correct dosages, it's about $10 more per bottle, but contains double pills and ingredients. 

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 6/10
Pain Relief 5/10
Joint Health 4/10
Swelling 3/10
Value 4/10
Recommended 5/10


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