Move Free Ultra Review 2024

Is Move Free Ultra Legit?

Move Free Ultra is just some collagen with some pointless extras.

Move Free Ultra Triple Action Joint Support Supplement is 40mg to type ii collagen with some relatively needless additions, such as 1% of your daily sodium requirements added in. It looks suspiciously like Kirkland's poor performing triple action support supplement, just this time round we've got a tiny bit of sodium added in. It's not that all the ingredients in this pill are terrible, it's just that the ones that are good are under dosed.

In one case Hyaluronic acid hilariously so at 3.3mg instead of 240mg. Move Free Ultra isn't worth your time. If that wasn't bad enough hyaluronic acid has been debunked as a joint health supplement anyway, but their poor attempt to include the ingredient goes a long way to show the lack of effort that went into creating a supplement that actually supports joint health.

Priced at $30, a collagen supplement doesn't hold a candle to any of the best joint pain supplements on the market. Move free ultra could have some benefits, but unfortunately no more so than simply having a type ii collagen supplement at half to a third of it's price point.

It misses out on effective ingredients for the sake of trying to make a pill that's less than 50mg, but unfortunately most natural ingredients require a substantially larger volume to be effective.

The only real positive that we have to say about move free ultra triple action joint support is that it is as they say just one tiny pill. So if there is a legitimate reason why you can't take normal size pills then we suppose it would be ok. But even then you're better off just getting the cheapest type ii collagen supplement available. We should also mention that Move Free Advanced , their main line supplement is better.

Customers Move Free Ultra Reviews

Move free ultra triple action reviews are generally pretty positive with most customers saying that it has resulted in a mild to moderate improvement (when we account for fake reviews) their overall score appears to be around 4*. Generally speaking there shouldn't be any Move Free Ultra side effects, however there were some mentions of some in reviews of Move Free Ultra on Amazon, but that's hard to judge.

What should be noted however, is similar supplements with an identical ingredient makeup (kirkland for example, technically it doesn't list the 1mg of sodium, but that shouldn't make any difference) have overwhelmingly negative written reviews, which does lead us to suspect that there may be something that isn't quite right here. Although as Move Free Ultra could be mildly effective there is the possibility that they've gotten lucky.

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Move Free Ultra Ingredients

Type II Collagen 40mg – Type ii collagen has been shown to be particularly good at improving joint health..... in dogs. [1] The human trials haven't looked nearly as effective. That's not to say that type ii collagen doesn't do anything, it does seem to have a mild impact on helping the body maintain cartilage and bone health, but it's substantially less effective than it has been in animals. 

Move free ultra triple action joint support should have some benefits as a result, but it is relatively low efficacy when compared to omega oils, curcumin, msm, same, gingerols, bromelain and a host of other ingredients. It is the smallest of these that's shown to have any impact at all at 40mg, (although this is at the bottom end of it's effective dose). So the real question is who is move free ultra for. And we suppose if for some reason you can't possibly swallow a pill larger than 50mg, then it could be for you. But, that's the only possible reason we could see to go with Move Free Ultra.

Boron 5mg – This one is actually fine, boron does have a whole host of health benefits beyond joint health, but as far back as 1963 supplementing boron has shown positive results. Although we should mention the low end of this tends to be 6mg. [2] It's been demonstrated to improve osteoarthritis patients pain levels compared to 10% who improved under a placebo. And the mechanism that boron plays in bone health and joint lubrication with deficiencies substantial increasing the risk of damage. So whilst this is a good inclusion in move free ultra it's nothing substantial to justify the price point.

Hyaluronic Acid 3.3mg - Whilst hyaluronic acid has been shown to be effective at reducing joint pain when injected directly into the site, it unfortunately isn't particularly effective when taken orally as most gets broken down in the stomach. Move Free Ultra Triple Action is a somewhat dated formula as a result. But, as we already mentioned the few initial studies which did suggest it could be an effective ingredient for promoting healthy joint fluid dosed it at more than 70 times higher. [3] This tiny amount isn't going to achieve anything even if the ingredient does somehow turn out to be effective for treating joint pain.

Sodium 1mg - This is 1% of your daily requirements, it's going to do pretty much nothing for your joints. For context 1mg is slightly smaller than one grain of salt, which contains more sodium.

Move Free Ultra Reviews Conclusion

Move Free Ultra Triple Action fails in ironically three ways, firstly trying to make an effective supplement more healthy bones and joints with only 50mg of ingredients. Secondly, in using outdated ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid. And thirdly dosing the ingredients that it does get right such as boron too low. 

We can't really recommend it when you'd be better off getting any of the individual ingredients from a generic brand and saving yourself some money. In fact most people would be alot better off with a multivitamin or an omega supplement than move free ultra and you'd certainly be much better off with one of the best over the counter joint supplements, however, these are typically about $20 a month more expensive.

That said you do get 80 times the active ingredients for that extra $20 in some cases.... In fact most people would be better off taking a half dose of something like FlexAgain which would make them comparable on the monthly costs, and still offer 40x more for your money.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 3/10
Pain Relief 3/10
Joint Health 3/10
Swelling 3/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 3/10


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