Athletic Greens Alternatives

Better And Cheaper ‚ÄčAlternatives To Athletic Greens

Published March 28th 2023

Why Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens AG1 is easily one of the top selling green powder supplements currently on the market. However, as with many dietary supplements, just because it is very popular does not necessarily mean it is the best greens supplement, it just means it has been marketed the best.

From proprietary blends, low dosages, and unproven ingredients, to an inflated price tag, there are plenty of reasons for people to seek an alternative to Athletic Greens AG1. The problem is, how can you avoid running into the same issues with the next greens supplement you look at?

Well fear not as we have you covered with our list of the best Athletic Greens alternatives. We will show you all of the very best super greens powder supplements that are currently on the market for a range of needs, to help you find your ideal alternative to Athletic Greens' formula.

If you're really set on AG1 however, you can read more about it here in our AG1 Review .

Are Greens Powders Good For You?

The short answer is yes, products like athletic greens are good for you and athletic greens is a pretty strong example. Greens powders are slightly better than taking vitamin pills, not just because they generally contain a lot more vitamins and minerals due to having a lot more space to work with than small capsules, but they also tend to be more bioavailable meaning a lot of the content is more easily absorbed by the body than from a pill form. That's not to say you can eat unhealthily and a greens powder is going to fix all your ills. And some athletic greens alternatives are better than others. With some of the cheaper options being rather poor quality and even some of the more expensive greens powders not being as good as athletic greens.

Supergreen Tonik - The Best Athletic Greens Alternatives

Supergreen Tonik is by far the best greens shake on the market right now, which means it's unsurprisingly our number one as an alternative to athletic greens. It contains 17 ingredients and 21 vitamins and minerals that are all clinically proven and were included with the main goal of helping to prevent chronic fatigue syndrome. Each is present in its optimal dose and they have all been split into three unique blends, unlike in athletic greens where a lot of the ingredients are underdosed and SGT contains an awful lot more of your vitamin and mineral requirements than athletic greens does.It's also one of the better tasting athletic greens alternatives and whilst AG1 does taste good, super green tonik tastes a bit better. There's not a whole lot in it, but it athletic greens is one of the better tasting greens powders out there.


  • Artificial additive, caffeine, dairy, egg, gluten and soy free
  • Suitable for people following a vegan or keto diet
  • Made with a greens blend that is entirely organic
  • Designed to help boost the immune system, reduce fatigue, and promote optimal health and wellbeing
  • Uses a wide range of different natural ingredients
  • Benefits both the mind and body


  • One of the more expensive greens supplements on the market
  • Some people weren't a fan of the smell, taste, or lack of flavours