Olly Happy Gummies

Do Olly Happy Gummies Work?

A lot of positive reviews, 2 solid ingredients and a novel shape Olly Hello Happy Gummy Worms are off to a good start.

The shape really is an interesting factor in Olly gummy worms, at least in a supplement that’s supposed to boost mood having something that you enjoy consuming is a plus, and who doesn’t get a bit cheerier after a good gummy worm? The question is whether or not there’s much more substance to the Olly Happy mood booster.

And there is definitely something to them in terms of evidence to back up the claims, particularly the vitamin D side of things but there are infinitely better options even at Olly Hello Happy’s budget price point.

The question really is, are Olly Happy Gummies just expensive vitamin d gummies? And the answer is mixed. There is some evidence to support saffron as a mood booster [1], and the dosage in Olly Hello Happy is in line with the studies. Most of the studies done on saffron refer to sub clinical low mood meaning less extreme cases could in theory benefit.

And vitamin D deficiency can cause low mood, and more than half of US adults are deficient. Which ultimately means most people would benefit from a vitamin d gummy.

The question is whether or not Olly Hello Happy Gummies represent a good value option. And with just saffron and vitamin D, we’d be inclined to say that there are better options for both vitamin d gummies and stress gummies. However, there isn’t much overly wrong with the simplistic formula either. 

Customers Olly Hello Happy Gummy Worms Reviews

With a 4.5* rating on Olly Happy Gummies Amazon reviews are pretty good, as far as supplements go this is a pretty strong score. And for the most part they do look to be pretty legitimate. Most people confirming that the Olly Gummy worms did have a good effect. Most customers didn’t report and Olly gummies side effects and most commented that the gummies tasted fantastic. 

There were a couple of people who complained about mild nausea, but that’s very uncommon. 

In terms of whether or not they work, most people were positive and it does look like the reviews haven’t been manipulated. 

Some customers did complain that they didn’t realize Olly Hello Happy Gummies are not vegan, although they don’t claim to be and gelatin is well known to not be, so we’re not sure what the complaint was for.  

Our Personal Tests And Reviews Of Olly Happy Gummies

As for our experience with Olly Happy Gummies we gave them to two team members, Mike who normally takes a vitamin d supplement, and Anya who normally takes a stress relief and mood boosting supplement to see what they each thought about Olly Gummy Worms.
Mike – Comparing it against my normal vitamin d supplement I would prefer to stick to the vitamin d pills. The reason is that because I take a few other things, creatine, omega 3 etc, I found the gummy worms a little inconvenient. They do taste pretty good, but when I’m taking more than one thing I prefer to just grab the handful and have a glass of water. The other issue I personally had was that I had to eat 4 a day to get my normal dose of vitamin d. Did I notice any difference in the effects against normal vitamin d pills, not really. I should note that if I don’t take vitamin d supplements, particularly in winter, my mood does notably drop. So I can say that they do work to fill this gap, they’re just not for me. If I needed to get a child to take a vitamin d supplement (which is recommended in my state during winter, then I would 100% use Olly Hello Happy Gummies for that. 

Anya – It just wasn’t as good as SRS, yeh, they taste great, but my sleep and overall mood wasn’t as good as when I take my normal supplement. Honestly, it’s not too surprising though, there’s a lot more in SRS. I don’t know whether the ashwagandha makes a bigger difference for me than the saffron did, or whether it’s one of the other ingredients. But, Olly Hello Happy isn’t for me. I can also note that there were no Olly Hello Happy side effects. 

Olly Hello Happy Gummy Ingredients  

There’s only 2 things in Olly Hello Happy Gummy Worms, and that’s vitamin d and saffron, both have a lot of evidence to support their effectiveness as mood boosters, and a fair few other benefits when it comes to vitamin d. 

Saffron 30mg – Saffron has been shown to be beneficial for treating sub clinical low mood, but meta analysis of multiple studies has shown that it’s effect on more severe depressive disorders is unknown. [2] It has been shown to raise mood notably against a placebo at a dose of 30mg, which does make this a completely reasonable inclusion for Olly Happy. Saffron is a relatively expensive ingredient and as such is less common in other supplements, so it does do a little bit to set Olly Hello Happy apart.

Vitamin D 2000ui – This is 250% of your minimum RDI of vitamin d and whilst that sounds like a lot, you can safely have far more. Interestingly vitamin d has even been shown to have beneficial effects that seem to increase up to 5000ui. This includes improving everything from energy levels through to athletic performance, and of course mood. It’s even been shown to improve sleep. And as we mentioned most Americans don’t get enough vitamin d, so supplementing this is always a good option. 

It should also be noted that Olly often promote taking multiple of their products at once and they do have another mood boosting supplement. With Olly Hello Happy often being bundled together with Olly GoodBye Stress Gummies, which does however remove some of their value if you have to buy both, especially when comparing them agianst other mood boosters at that price which contain GABA, Theanine etc as well as the vitamin D.

Olly Happy Gummies Review Conclusion

Olly Hello Happy Gummies are OK, the customer reviews are great, Vitamin d is incredibly well backed and saffron is also pretty well supported as a mood booster. As a result for most people we’d say that Olly Happy Gummies are reasonable option. 

All in all if you want a vitamin d supplement with a bit of an extra kick for mood, and you hate swallowing pills, then Olly’s gummy worms are a novel way to take the supplement. But, if you’re looking for a comprehensive mood booster then Olly isn’t for you. 

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