Dr Teal's Sleep Spray Reviews

Does Dr Teal's Sleep Spray Work?

Ingredients That Only Work Orally Sprayed On A Pillow Don't Make A Great Sleep Aid.

Dr Teal's Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils is one of the many Dr Teal's melatonin sleep products in their range. It claims to use a soothing blend of ingredients that are designed to be sprayed near to where you sleep, to enhance your overall sleep quality.

Dr Teal's say their sleep spray aids with relaxing and soothing the mind and body, promotes better sleep quality, helps regulate sleep wake cycles, and makes it easier to fall asleep. However, closer reviews of the Dr Teal's Sleep Spray suggest that this is not quite the case.

Dr Teal's Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils is made using a formula that consists of epsom salts, patchouli oil, melatonin, lavender, and chamomile essential oils, as well as water, perfume, and a variety of stabilisers, such as benzoic acid.

While many of these ingredients can benefit sleep, it is not a great recipe for a spray, as most of them need to be ingested to have a proper effect. Interestingly lavender is often put into cheap oral supplements where it doesn't work, and this is the one ingredient that has some benefit from scent alone, so they do get one thing right.

Meanwhile, others have no evidence to support their inclusion, while the quantities being hidden makes it impossible to determine the outcomes the others will produce.

Compared to a traditional sleep medication, the price tag on Dr Teal's Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils is quite reasonable. Unfortunately, its lack of efficacy and supporting evidence mean that it is simply not worth buying. There is 

This is why we recommend that anyone suffering with sleep issues should give RestAgain a try instead. An alternative that actually does what Dr Teal's claims their spray does, it includes 11 actually scientificly backed supplements, including correctly dosed melatonin. it is a much smarter purchase for anyone who truly wants to boost their sleep hygiene. And if you'd like to spray something on your pillow, it makes more sense to just get a simple lavendar spray for half the price.

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Dr Teal's Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Dr Teal's Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils appear fairly positive at first glance, as it currently holds a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon after more than 3,000 reviews. However, the content of the reviews is more interesting than the scores.

In the positive review section, reviews by real customers mention selling points like the fact that it has a great smell that makes them love spraying it on their pillow and in the air around their bed, which provides all the calm they need to drift off to sleep relatively quickly at night.

However, what is notably absent in the positive reviews is any mention of the quality of sleep that they enjoyed when they went to bed each night.

Conversely, when you look at the negative reviews, they often mention that it either did not make them feel more calm or sleepy, or that it caused vivid dreams which woke them up, so it actually made the quality of sleep they got in bed each night much worse.

These reviews help us to draw the conclusion that, while it may leave a pleasant scent on your pillow or in the air around your bed that can help some people feel a little calmer or drift of a bit quicker, it is not going to have a great effect on your sleep and certainly won't combat things like insomnia.

Our Experience With Dr Teals Sleep Spray

So, this one was sitting around the office for a while, as whilst we do have one or two team members who have had issues with insomnia over the years, we had to wait for someone to have the issue again to give it a go. This meant it was Jean who ended up doing the test. Now, typically speaking his normal go to when he's having sleep issues is to take Melatonin, Gaba and diphenhydramine, which is a drowsy over the counter antihistamine like ZZZquil). Alternatively he goes for RestAagain and ​diphenhydramine when he's got access to the combined supplement. We can say that the test didn't last very long, as after 3 nights of Dr Teals Sleep Spray having no effect at all Jean was insufferable and we all agreed it was best if he went back to his normal sleep aid. In short, Dr Teals didn't achieve very much. He did say his pillow smelled nice, which he liked, but that was about it.

Where Can I Buy Dr Teals Sleep Spray?

It is available from Amazon, Walmart or the Dr Teal Website.

Are There Dr Teals Sleep Spray Side Effects?

About the only benefit to Dr Teals Sleep Spray is that there is functionally no risk of side effects.

Final Thoughts On Dr Teal's Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils: Will It Really Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep?

On the surface, Dr Teal's Sleep Spray With Melatonin & Essential Oils looks like an affordable, natural way to help you sleep better and make your pillow smell great. Unfortunately, the evidence and reviews from past customers both suggest otherwise.While it may leave a pleasant scent on your pillow or make you feel calm, it simply won't enhance your sleep. 

That is why we recommend people who are having trouble sleeping or suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia should try a bottle of RestAgain and a simple lavendar spray instead.

Not only will RestAgain provide an even greater feeling of calm than Dr Teal's Sleep Spray, but it uses optimal doses of only proven ingredients, to improve both the quality of sleep that you enjoy and your sleep wake cycle. This makes it a better choice in almost every area.

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Falling Asleep 6/10
Sleep Quality 5/10
Stress 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10


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