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Do Total Beets Work? 

Updated 6th August 2023

Force Factor’s Total Beets Powder Is An OK Budget Option, The Chews Are A Waste Of Money However.

Total Beets Powder is a reds powder that aims to provide a safe and natural source of heart-healthy energy.

Total Beets isn’t the worst beet powder on the market, but it’s far from the best in terms of added ingredients and there’s much better value for money options too if you’re looking for a simple beet powder. That said it tastes pretty good and would still be cheap enough to fall well within the budget category. And of course, if you’re wondering if beet powders can actually do what they claim, there’s a reasonable amount of scientific evidence to back up claims around NO2 and cardiovascular health and we’ll come on to that later in our Total Beets Review.

As for the Force Factor Total Beets Chews these are pretty much a waste of time, coming in at 325mg means that there is just not nearly enough of any of the ingredients in here for them to be effective. Realistically you need a minimum of 2500-3000mg of beet powder to get it’s benefits, which is exactly what Total Beets Powder contains. The Total Beets chews however are formulated with beetroot powder, beetroot extract, grapeseed extract, L-Citrulline, and NO3-T nitrates. Meaning that you’re getting maybe 200mg of beets per serving at best, less than 10x the dosage required.

Reds powders can contain a lot more ingredients and do a lot more than Total Beets. Ranging from berries to herbal extracts and vitamins and minerals. Usually these ingredients are designed to improve blood flow as well as being rich in antioxidants and have a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score. Research suggests that incorporating high-ORAC foods into one's diet may reduce the risk of age-related diseases and improve overall health beyond just the benefits of Beets. All in all if you’re looking for something that’s more comprehensive than a standard beetroot powder for heart health, blood flow and energy, then you’re in the wrong place and we’d suggest checking out some other reds powders.

If you just want a budget beet juice powder, you could do worse than Total Beets, just stay away from the chewables as there simply isn’t enough of anything in them to do much.

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Total Beets Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions in SuperBeets Reviews.

What Are Beets Good For?
  1. Heart Health: The nitrate content in beetroot powder can directly improve cardiovascular function. Studies have shown that daily dosing with beetroot juice significantly improves blood pressure and aerobic endurance in elderly patients with heart failure. [1]
  2. Better Circulation: The nitrates in Total Beets enhance nitric oxide production, leading to expanded blood vessels, improved circulation, and more efficient nutrient delivery. This can result in reduced signs of aging and better temperature regulation. [2]
  3. Enhanced Endurance: By improving blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles, Total Beets may enhance athletic performance and endurance. Users may experience a rush of energy within an hour of consumption, making it an ideal pre-workout supplement. [3]

We have a full article on the benefits of beet juice here.

Does Total Beets Really Work?

Total Beets is in the effective range in terms of dosage for the claimed benefits of beets, so as a result, it's fair to say that they should in fact work.

What Does Total Beets Taste Like?

In our personal opinion Total Beets powder is a little overly sweetened, but not bad for a cheaper option. We did think it was a bit overly saccharine and that the berry taste didn’t really cut through the beets. The chews were neither here nor there and nobody in the office had a particularly strong opinion either way. Although several customer reviews of Total Beets complained about the taste, so perhaps there was a batch issue.

Total Beets Ingredients

Beetroot Powder 3000mg – Beetroot powder is pretty straight forward and if you’re reading this the likelihood is you’ve already read the claims about it’s benefits. And of course this is where the efficacy of Total Beets lies; in its ability to boost nitric oxide production and improve blood flow. [4] Nitric oxide plays a crucial role in regulating blood pressure, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles, and supporting overall cardiovascular health. By increasing nitric oxide levels, Total Beets can provide a range of benefits, from improved athletic performance to enhanced recovery. [5] Of course beet juices and powders have also been shown to improve heart health. Which makes Total Beets an ideal choice for individuals looking to support their cardiovascular system. The increased nitric oxide production and improved blood flow can promote overall heart health and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

NO3-T Nitrates 2000mg - NO3-T® betaine nitrate should in theory boost the efficacy of beetroot powder in boosting nitric oxide production, which is of course the effect that most people are looking for. 2000mg is more than enough for it to be within it’s effective range so there’s nothing wrong here in terms of Total Beets Ingredients.

Total Beets also contains natural flavors, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, citric acid, and stevia as additional ingredients. It is worth noting that silicon dioxide is a naturally occurring compound and is considered safe for consumption.

Pricing and Where to Buy Total Beets

Total Beets is an affordable supplement, with a 30-serving package typically priced at $25.96. However, it is currently on sale for $15.98. The product can be purchased from various retailers, including Amazon, iHerb, Walmart, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, CVS, and the official Force Factor website. It is important to note that there is no discounted subscription option available for buying Total Beets in bulk. Nevertheless, considering that the daily cost of Total Beets is approximately 50 cents, it remains an affordable option for those seeking the potential benefits of a reds powder supplement.

Total Beets Review Conclusion

Total Beets isn’t a bad product, well at least the powder isn’t, it’s cheap, it has enough beets in it to be effective and it tastes OK, considering it’s price point. If you just want beet powder and you’re on a budget, then Total Beets is a solid option. 

As mentioned the chews however are a complete waste of time, not even offering 10% of the required dosage for them to be effective. Unfrotauntely this is pretty common with Gummy supplements as a whole. 

However, if you’re looking for something more substantial you can get an awful lot more out of reds powders, and some that taste far better as well. 

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Essential Nutrients 4/10
Health Benefits 6/10
Ingredient Quality 6/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Value 7/10
Recommended 6/10


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