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Does ‚ÄčAmberen Really Work?

Amberen is overpriced and underdosed.

Amberen Perimenopause Relief is a dietary supplement produced by Amberen to help women enjoy multi symptom relief from the menopause. It is designed to do so while being free from drugs, soy, and hormones, and clinically proven to be totally safe for all menopausal women to use.

Amberen claims it can regulate your hormonal balance and libido, and combat symptoms like irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, stress, fatigue, mood swings, and muscle and joint aches. However, our Amberen Perimenopause Relief review found this is not true.

The active ingredients in Amberen Perimenopause Relief are vitamins b1, b2, b6, b9, b12, and e, as well as a proprietary blend containing a selection of minerals, salts, and amino acids.

The product immediately comes under scrutiny when we see that proprietary blends are involved, as these are usually only used to hide the ingredient dosages in an ineffective supplement. This is especially true here as many of the ingredients are not proven to offer any health benefits at all.

While a closer look does not reveal the doses present, it does prove that this certainly fits the bill as an ineffective supplement. Even with the vitamins, the one area where we can see the dosages, everything is either so weak that it will do nothing or so strong that it puts you at risk of adverse side effects.

When you consider that Amberen make two supplements to combat menopausal symptoms, both of which use a very similar formula, and that this one actually looks better than the other one, Amberen Menopause Relief, it is clear that the company simply do not make high quality or effective products.

While a low price tag and some customer reviews claiming it can prevent night sweats are somewhat appealing, that is far from enough to save this generally awful supplement.

That is why we highly recommend you do not purchase Amberen Perimenopause Relief or Amberen Menopause Relief, and instead stick to using a supplement that contains ingredients which have been clinically shown to actually help customers combat their menopause symptoms, such as Estrocare.

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Customers Amberen Reviews

Amberen reviews by customers have led to it having an average review score of 4.2 out of 5 stars on the Amberen website and a slightly better 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, both of which appear to be pretty decent at first glance.

When you look at the positive reviews, most focus almost exclusively on its ability to combat night sweats and flashes, which suggests it must be able to provide some relief in this area. However, there are virtually no reviews that little mention any of the other menopause symptoms that it claims to combat.

That said, when looking at the negative Amberen reviews, there were a number of women who said that it did not help with any of their symptoms. There were then also some other women that said they had to stop taking Amberen Perimenopause Relief as it caused side effects like stomach pains and headaches.

These reviews allow us to conclude that, while Amberen Perimenopause Relief may help some women combat night sweats, that is not guaranteed, and it may well do nothing at all or even cause side effects.

Amberen Review Conclusion

Amberen claims its menopause relief supplement can combat virtually all of your symptoms, yet even the slightest scrutiny reveals that these claims are far from true. From incorrect dosages and unproven ingredients to proprietary blends, this supplement fails on virtually every level.

This is why we highly recommend that you do not purchase Amberen and instead stick to a proven menopause supplement, like Estrocare. Containing only optimal doses of proven ingredients, it combats all the symptoms Amberen claims to and then some, while clearly listing all of its dosages on the packet.

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Ingredients 5/10
Mood 5/10
Hot Flashes 5/10
Other Symptoms 5/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10