Animal Flex Reviews

Is Animal Flex Good For Joints?

Animal Flex Has A Lot Of Ingredients, But Is There Something Better?

Animal Flex is a joint supplement by Universal Nutrition that claims to repair connective tissue, provide joint lubrication, protection, maintenance, and rebuilding, and optimise joint health and function. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely to achieve any of these goals.

The main Animal Flex formula consists of glucosamine, methylsulfonlymethane, chondroitin sulfate a, chondroitin culfate c, flaxseed oil, cetyl myristoleate, ginger root, turmeric root, boswellia serrata extract, quercetin, and bromelain. And individually a lot of these ingredients are pretty good, in fact when it comes to MSM, Animal Flex may well be one of only a handful of supplements that could actually contain enough of the ingredient for it to be an effective dose. The problem is that it makes a few key mistakes. It's by no means the worst supplement on the market, and with a few changes it could be great. 

The problem is that all the ingredients are lumped together in three proprietary blends. This masks the actual dose of each ingredient and makes it impossible to know if enough is present to be beneficial, although for many it is still clear that there isn't. It also makes an error with using Flax Seed over algae as an omega 3 source. Omega 3 comes in the 3 main types, DHA, EPA and AHA. AHA has to be converted into the other two for it to be effective for humans wasting most of the resource. Unfortunately Flax Seed is mostly AHA, whereas fish oil and algae are EPA and DHA meaning the dose of Flax Seed in Animal Flex is far too low. 

Then we have the turmeric extract, this really needs to be curcumin extracted from turmeric, otherwise you need far more than is in Animal Flex. It's mistakes like these that have it falling short, whereas with some minor changes we'd have a really good product. 

Animal Flex also features a range of vitamins and minerals that includes vitamin c, vitamin e, zinc, selenium, and manganese. While these are admittedly present in useful doses, they aren't the core ingredients of the supplement and there are more important joint pain relief vitamins (like vit d) that could've been a focus instead.

There are plenty of great joint products out there that will lead to healthier connective tissues and joints, Animal Flex just isn't one of them. We'd suggest FlexAgain instead of Animal Flex, although Animal Flex isn't bad.

Animal Flex Reviews By Customers

Animal Flex currently holds an overall rating of 4.55 out of 5 on, which suggests it is a good product. The positive reviews tend to focus on people generally feeling better within themselves after taking it. This does seem pretty reasonable, seeing as it's definitely going to be better than taking nothing, and at least some of the ingredients are going to be in the right dosages. 

However, when looking at the Animal Flex negative reviews, the problems that we expected to see based on the formula start to appear. There were a few users of the joint supplement is that reported experiencing feeling no improvement in joint pain or joint health. Although in general animal flex reviews were positive. Then there are the animal flex side effects that people reported, such as jitters, stomach pains, and other gastrointestinal issues. This isn't overly surprising in a supplement with a large content list like this. 

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Animal Flex Pros & Cons


  • Contains a number of useful ingredients
  • The vitamin and mineral blend uses suitable doses


  • Likely contains inadequate doses of several joint supplements ingredients
  • Some of the ingredients have not been clinically proven
  • Not suitable for use by vegans or vegetarians despite choosing worse omega source

Animal Flex Review Conclusion

Animal Flex may use mostly ingredients proven to help with joint issues, but they just aren't present in doses high enough to be of use. Looking at the Animal Flex review section, it seems most of the benefits people did notice could be obtained from a simple vitamin supplement.Given its overall ineffectiveness for treating joint pain and problems or healing joint tissues, combined with its price and the potential for side effects, you would be wise to steer clear of Animal Flex and look to spend your money on some more effective joint supplements instead.As always we recommend FlexAgain as an alternative, it contains similar ingredients, but actually lists the amounts so we know they're within the effective ranges.

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