The Best Nootropics 2024

What are nootropics and are any nootropics worth taking?

Updated: January 4th 2024 
Fact Checked: Dr B Lee M.D.

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What Are Nootropics?

As humans age cognitive function starts to decline, that means focus, energy, lateral thinking and mood can all begin to deteriorate. 

Nootropics are a recent and popular form of supplementation designed to help improve cognitive performance in adults. 

They're typically a blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals that have been shown to improve brain function. As this is an unregulated market however, not all nootropics are any good and the quality of the ingredients does tend to vary wildly across brands.  Nootropics supplements have become popular with entrepreneurs, students and athletes in the past couple of years with many claiming that it helps them perform at their best.


Hunter Focus - Best Nootropic Overall

Nootrum - Best Value Nootropic

NooCube - Best For Students

Performance Lab Mind
- Best Nootropic For Over 50s

Brain Pill
- Best Nootropic Supplements For Energy

Vyvamind - Best Nootropic For Attention Deficit

Performance Lab Vision
- Best Nootropic For Gaming

What Do The Best Nootropic Supplements Do?

The best nootropics contain ingredients that help boost mental acuity, cognitive function, focus and memory retention. Generally speaking this will be done with ingredients that contain herbal compounds or are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. 

Ingredients like L-Theanine and Citicoline being the common amongst all of the best nootropics due to them being the most well researched and clinically evaluated.  

Citicoline has been studied and shown to increase brain membrane formation by 26% in healthy adults[1] and increased brain energy by 14% when compared to a placebo group. Brain energy refers to the amount of fuel your brain is able to hold and use throughout the day. Meaning that a 14% increase could lead to increased performance overall,  and definitely an increased sustained performance throught the day. 

L-Theanine is typically more utilised for mood regulation nootropics, but does make it's way into most of the best ones on this list. It's been studied to promote the production of GABA[2] and other brain calming chemicals, L-theanine elevates levels of GABA, as well as serotonin and dopamine. This was also shown to improve sleep effeciency. Beyond that, it also has been shown to in [3]double blind trials to improve memory, even in those with impared function.

Nootropics FAQ

What Are Nootropics? What Do You Need To Know?

What Is The Most Effective Nootropic?

Perhaps the most well known is caffeine, that said, it's not something you typically want from a nootropic supplement, L- theanine tends to be the most highly rated and well known after that and the most powerful nootropic supplements tend to contain a relatively high does of this. Even just 50mg has been shown to boost creativity[4] and brain health. After that Citicoline tends to be the most important to look out for.

What Is The Strongest Nootropic? 

The strongest nootropic on our list is Hunter Focus and honestly there ins't anything on the market that is safe, legal and comes close.

Are Nootropics Safe? 

All the nootropics on our list are safe. That isn't to say everything marketed as a nootropic is completely safe mind. And you can take too much, remember many nootropic supplements contain caffeine, and too much can be harmful.

Are Nootropics Legal? 

All the nootropics on this list are legal, some people turn to persciption medications to have the same effect, this is of course not legal without a doctors sign off.

Hunter Focus - The Best Nootropic On The Market

We're huge fans of Hunter Focus, even though it's a lesser known nootropic, it is by and large the highest quality available at the moment. Produced by Roar Ambition, a long standing player in the supplements market and part of the Hunter range known for it's high quality natural supplements. 

It does come in at a slightly higher price point than a lot of the competitor brands, but not substantially. Hunter Focus is filled with the top tier of research backed and clinically proven ingredients. It's also higher dosed than most of it's competitors, making it the strongest nootropic on our list.

You can purcahse it at

Hunter Focus nootropic ingredients list is by far the most extensive on the market. With everything from Citicoline, L-Theanine, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Carnitine, B vitamins and a host of other ingredients their really isn't anything missing at all. If you want just one nootropic pill to cover everything then Hunter Focus is the one for you. 

It's priced relatively well against the other competitors as well, to be honest nothing else really comes close, and unless you're looking for a specific eye health nootropic we'd recommend it for basically any use over everything else on this list. The only downside is that to get such a broad coverage you will have to take 6 capsules a day. But, as you can see from the bottle size you get the same amount of daily doses for only a couple of dollars more, and a whole lot more supplement for your money.

Criteria Rating
Focus 10/10
Memory 10/10
Stress 10/10
Brain Protection 10/10
Customer Satisfaction 9/10
Value 8/10
Recommended 9.5/10

Pros And Cons

Highest dosages of key nootropic ingredients
Covers all bases
Great for memory
Best for mood by far
Great for focus
Very positive customer reviews


Most expensive nootropic supplements on the list
Contains caffeine (for those avoiding it)

What We Like About Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus ingredient list is as we've said, excellent ingredients, and where it really shines against other nootropics is the ashwaganda. Typically ​ashwagandha is used in other supplements, such as testosterone boosters which could lead some people to think that it is a more male focused ingredient, but it is also fantastic at relieving stress and has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol build up[5] (the stress hormone). ​In fact, outside of the niche supplements industry this is what it was most well known for. It also contains Ginseng, which has been linked to improved mood, and long term brain function protection. The other thing that makes Hunter focus stand out from the crowd is the higher dosages of Bacopa and L-Tyrosine than it's competitors, delivering on the optimal levels, whereas others tend to skimp out on the more expensive ingredients.

Beyond that the formula contains the expected, Pine Bark, Rhodesea Rosea, L-Theanine and Citicoline that we would expect from a good nootropic. 

Improving Sleep
Improved Memory.
Enhances learning.
Improvements In Brain Health.
Reduces Symptoms Of Stress.

When we tried Hunter Focus we definitely noticed better as the name would suggest focus, even when compared to other nootropics. It sits at our number one on the best nootropics list for a reason and we'd highly recommend taking advantage of the bulk buy options as individual bottles are rather pricey. From our tests and the ingredients list it is hands down the best nootropic for memory and focus, the only thing that could put some people off is that it contains caffeine, and that it's the highest priced (although only slightly) nootropic on our list.

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Specialised Nootropic Supplements

Below are some of our favourite specialised nootropic supplements that we can't really judge against the top three that are solely designed around improving mental performance. They contain nootropic supplements designed for things like improved vision, long term brain health, rather than those mostly aimed at mental energy and memory retention.

BrainPill - Best Nootropic For Energy

Brain Pill targets itself as an all round nootropic come energy based multivitamin. There's a lot we like about BrainPill for people who aren't taking any other form of supplements. The addition of Vitamins b12 and b6 which are proven to boost energy levels gives it an edge if you're not already supplementing these vitamins. The body can tolerate huge volumes beyond the RDI although it does have diminishing returns. It also has the usual suspects of L-Theanine and ​Citicoline (Cognizin) which we come to expect in all good nootropics. The downside of brainpill however, is that the dosage is on the small side. Suggesting that you only need one pill per day does mean that there isn't enough of a lot of the core ingredients. However, you can easily use your brain to figure out how you could get around that problem. However, using it in high enough volumes to be effective could prove costly as it's one pill a day dosage is at a similar price point to even Hunter Focus. That said if money's no object and you'd rather not take other supplements, have an energy problem then it's going to be effective. 


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