Cymbiotika Super Greens Reviews

Are cymbioitika greens any good?

Cymbiotika is a poor greens formula for it's price point.

Cymbiotika Super Greens is a greens powder from Cymbiotika Supplements that was made for supporting cellular detoxification, boosting energy production and energy levels, promoting a healthy immune response, and filling in nutritional gaps in your diet, to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Unfortunately, while this super greens powder sets out some fairly lofty goals for itself, further research reveals that it falls well short of the mark that would be required to hit them.

The Cymbiotika Super Greens formula contains a bioavailable complex of natural plant compounds, including chlorophyll, glucoraphanin, broccoli seed powder extract, organic spinach powder, organic spirulina, organic alfalfa powder, organic oat grass powder, and organic kale.

The sodium copper chlorophyllin from mulberry leaf is the only ingredient that is listed individually and, while the results do look promising, there is no conclusive evidence that it is actually beneficial for the human body, particularly in the dose that is present.

Everything else is then lumped into a "Proprietary Super Greens Complex".

This is always a huge red flag, as it makes it hard to know how much of each ingredient is present, but it is an even bigger issue in supplements like this, where there are only a few proven ingredients surrounded by unproven or ineffective ones.

At the bottom of the label after glucoraphanin powder, "other ingredients" is listed. This list is quite long and boasts organic glycerin, organic cassava syrup, citris pectin, lime extract, malic acid, organic lemon oil, organic citrus extract, organic citrus bioflavonoids, and purified water.

Not only is this list of non-active ingredients unusually large, but all of them are included to serve functions that customer reviews suggest they don't achieve, such as improving the taste of the drink or the quality of the powder.

Perhaps the most off putting part of the supplement though is that, despite its many failings, the Cymbiotika product is priced like some other alkalizing greens that are among the best on the market. That is why we strongly suggest you don't buy this super greens powder.

Instead, we recommend you give Supergreen Tonik a try. A carefully constructed super greens powder, it really will provide cellular detoxification, while being a convenient way for you to consume all of the vital nutrients that may have been missing from your diet. They also don't hide behind the same "proprietary blend" that cymbiotika greens do, and with them being 3rd party tested you know you're actually getting a product that contains ingredients worth the money.

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Customers ​Cymbiotika Super Greens Reviews

Cymbiotika Super Greens currently holds a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, which looks fairly decent.

When looking at the positive reviews, people seemed to experience an increase in both energy production and energy levels while taking it, as well as a reduction in bloating. Although most of these were given by people on the "vine" program, which means they recieved the product for free and they tend to be fairly positive in general.

However, when we look at the negative reviews, we get quite a different picture painted for us.

While some say it simply wasn't useful for supporting cellular detoxification in any way, others encountered even bigger issues.

The "disgusting" Super Greens taste was mentioned by a number of people, as was the low quality of the powder. You then also had people that experienced side effects, such as stomach pains and diarrhoea.

This allows us to draw the conclusion that, while the supplement may be able to give you a little more energy, you have to be willing to go through some unpleasant experiences to enjoy it, and it won't produce the other health benefits that you may be expecting.

How Does Cymbiotia Taste? 

Yeh, this was not a good tasting greens powder, chemically and all in all just not pleasant.

Our Experience With ​Cymbiotika Greens

As usual we gave Cymbiotika to two of our testers to try for 8 weeks, in this case the tests didn't go so well, one complained of what we politely refer to as "gastric distress by day 3" so we stopped and the other simply reported that they didn't seem to think it was doing much at all. Considering both have previously tried greens powders and given positive reports we mark this down as a negative cymbiotika review.

Cymbiotika Super Greens Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Contains a bioavailable complex of ingredients proven to benefit your health Most of the ingredients are lumped into a proprietary blend that hides the dosages, yet many can still be seen to be present in quantities that are far too low
Some of the ingredients have no conclusive evidence that they are actually effective
Customers have complained about a lack of efficacy, poor taste, and cymbiotika side effects
Quite expensive, particularly given the many failings of the product

Cymbiotika Super Greens Ingredients

Chlorophyll (Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin From Mulberry Leaf) - 50 MG

Mulberry leaf extract is a popular natural plant compound from the mulberry tree that is popular with diabetics, as it is believed to offer benefits such as reducing your blood sugar and insulin response levels, and even reducing your blood pressure and heart rate.

It also contains chlorophyll, which features sodium copper chlorophyllin, a compound said to boast antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties and produce the enhanced cellular detoxification that the product advertises.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of issues with how it has been used here.

Not only is more research required to fully substantiate all of these claims, but the evidence that is available suggests that a far higher dose than what is present here is required for it to produce its beneficial effects (1).

This is never ideal but it is particularly worrying here, as chlorophyll appears to be the most abundant ingredient in the formula, meaning you will really have to keep your fingers crossed that it actually works.

Proprietary Super Greens Complex - 458 MG 

The reaality is there's a reason that most good greens powders are 8 grams plus, and that's because most greens ingredients need to be measured in grams to be effective. As such our cymbiotika review is not going to get any better...

Organic Alfalfa Powder

Alfalfa grass is a flowering plant in the legume family that has started to be added to a number of greens supplements as it is rich in pinitol.

Recognised as a potent antioxidant, pinitol has the ability to improve the health and functions of your liver, kidney, and gut, as well as various other organs, while also helping to reduce inflammation.

The problem is, pinitol has only been proven to provide these health benefits when you consume large quantities of fresh alfalfa grass (2). This means that the organic alfalfa powder in Cymbiotika Super Greens is highly unlikely to offer any real benefits at all.

Organic Oat Grass Powder

Oat grass is a long dense type of grass that is similar to that which produces the common oat. In recent times it has become a popular greens supplement ingredient, due to the belief that it is rich in a wide range of nutrients, which includes fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

There are claims that it improves the health of your skin, boosts your digestive health, and promotes healthy immune response.

However, to this point, there has been extremely little clinical study done on it and virtually no conclusive evidence has been produced to back up its claims. This means that it cannot be counted on to produce any beneficial effects in the Cymbiotika Super Greens powder (3).

Organic Spinach Powder

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is one of the most widely eaten on Earth. It boasts a huge range of fibres, minerals, proteins, and vitamins, and is often put in greens supplements as it produces a wide range of benefits which can help you to achieve optimal health.

Among its many benefits, it improves your vision and eye health, regulates your blood pressure level, boosts your heart health, reduces oxidative stress, anxiety, and stress, lowers the risk of heart disease and some chronic illnesses, and promotes healthy immune response (4).

The problem with the inclusion of the organic spinach powder in Cymbiotika Super Greens is the dosage.

They have tried to hide the true quantity present by lumping it in to the Proprietary Super Greens Complex.

However, given that you need to take at least 1,000 mg of spinach powder each day for it to be of use and the entire blend weighs just 458 mg, we can clearly see that not enough is present to be of use.

Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is a type of blue green algae that is full of various different antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, protein, and vitamins.

It has long been used in traditional eastern medicine and is a frequently used greens supplement ingredient, as it has the ability to enhance your health in a great number of ways.

It promotes a healthy immune response, fights free radicals, prevents oxidative damage, reduces inflammation, regulates your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, boosts your metabolism and heart health, suppresses your appetite, and aids weight loss. (5).

Unfortunately, for spirulina to produce these effects, you need to eat at least 4 grams a day. Meaning that if it's not the lead ingredient, it isn't likely to do too much.

While Cymbiotika Super Greens does its best to hide how much spirulina powder is present, the entire blend it is found in weighs just 458 mg, which is less than one seventeenth of the required dosage. This means the spirulina powder present here is guaranteed to be of no use.

Organic Kale

Kale is a leafy cabbage that can be either green or purple in colour. After spinach, it is perhaps the most widely consumed leafy vegetable on Earth and has been for centuries, and it contains a similarly large range of phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals.

Among the many beneficial effects that it can produce, kale can lower LDL cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease, boost your immune system, improve your bone and eye health, reduce inflammation, and protect against oxidative damage and various chronic illnesses (6).

The issue is, to see these benefits, you have to consume 5 to 10 grams of kale a day. As a whole serving of Cymbiotika Super Greens weighs, at best, a tenth of this, it is another ingredient that is guaranteed to be of no use.

Broccoli Seed Powder Extract

Broccoli is a commonly eaten brassica vegetable that is well known for its ability to offer a huge range of health benefits. Perhaps the most widely touted of these is that it can reduce your LDL cholesterol levels (7).

There are, unfortunately, a number of issues with its inclusion here though.

For starters, not only is broccoli's effect on your cholesterol levels minimal, but its extract has never been proven to offer any other benefits. Then there is the fact that broccoli seed powder extract has not even been proven to deliver on this benefit.

Add in the tiny amount that the Cymbiotika Super Greens proprietary blend will contain, and it is assured that the presence of broccoli seed extract here is worthless.

13% Glucoraphanin Powder

Glucoraphanin is a glucosinolate most often found in broccoli that has potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It is said to be capable of reducing the risk of heart disease and carcinogenesis, preventing weight gain, aiding weight loss, and combatting diabetes.

However, as the majority of studies that have been conducted on it have been done on mice, it is currently not possible to determine precisely how it will benefit a human being (8).

Other Ingredients (Purified Water, Organic Glycerin, Organic Cassava Syrup, Citris Pectin, Lime Extract, Malic Acid, Organic Lemon Oil, Organic Citrus Extract, Organic Citrus Bioflavonoids)

After glucoraphanin powder, "Other Ingredients" lists an extensive range of additional things that the powder contains. The list is longer than you will find on most other greens supplements, yet most offer little to no health benefits of their own.

Instead, these ingredients are included primarily to create the Citrus Lime flavor of the powder, stabilise it, and make it more enjoyable to consume.

This wouldn't normally be too much of an issue, even if the list is longer than expected.

However, the number of people that complain about the taste and quality of the product suggest that they should have saved the space to use on ingredients that would actually make the supplement more effective.

Cymbiotika Super Greens Review Conclusion

While it may boast a bioavailable complex of natural plant compounds including chlorophyll, glucoraphanin, broccoli seed, and spirulina, the Cymbiotkia greens supplement simply fails in far too many areas to let it actually be effective.

Whether it be the low or hidden doses of beneficial ingredients, abundance of unproven ones, customer complaints about the taste or side effects, or unnecessarily high price tag, there is just no reason to risk using the Cymbiotika product and we highly recommend you avoid it.We instead recommend you stick to other alkalizing greens that are proven to be effective, such as Supergreen Tonik.

With its great taste and optimal doses of proven ingredients, it is an ideal choice whether you want to combat a chronic medical condition or simply find a convenient way to hit your daily nutrition needs.

Best Super Green Options
Criteria Rating
Taste 1/10
Essential Nutrients 2/10
Health Benefits 2/10
Ingredient Quality 3/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 2/10