Beyond Greens Review

Is Beyond Greens Good For You?

Beyond Greens get's one thing very right, and that's transparency in its ingredients.

Our Beyond Greens review gets off to a good start due to the fact it's actually transparent in it's formula. Many greens powders don't actually do this, meaning we never really know if they have the ingredients in their effective dosages. Unfortunately, this is where it goes downhill and fast, and one has to ask the question as to whether Liveconscious, previously, Livewell Beyond Greens made a mistake here. Beyond Greens under doses several of it's key ingredients and ultimately boils down to being an expensive mushroom and matcha powder rather than getting it's greens formula right.

That's not to say that Beyond Greens won't have any health benefits, in fact it definitely will, matcha powder in itself is good for your liver health and immune system. Whereas if we're looking at whether or not Beyond Greens is worth the price, then the answer is no. There are much better greens powder supplements available. On the other hand customers reviews of Beyond Greens are relatively positive, which again, isn't too surprising if they haven't tried any better greens powders as it is definitely a step up against taking nothing to support what is the average US diet.

Whilst our Beyond Greens reviews aren't going to be particularly bad, there's infinitely better options out there. And we'd generally recommend that you get one of those instead.

What Does Beyond Greens Taste Like?

As greens powders go, Beyond Greens tastes sub par, it's not good, it's not horrible, but if we compare it against the likes of Spruce, AG1 or SuperGreen Tonik it's not even close. 

Really you need to blend it into a smoothie to make Beyond Greens taste Ok. We wouldn't score it highly for taste.

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Beyond Greens Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our beyond greens review.

Is beyond greens good for you?

Yes Beyond Greens is good for you, at least in comparison to not having a greens powder, as always if you've got a particularly healthy diet you don't get much out of Beyond Greens. That said, there are way better options for digestive health, your immune system support and vitamins.

Where to buy beyond greens?

You can buy Beyond Greens on Amazon or direct from them.

Does beyond greens have caffeine?

Beyond Greens does contain a rather small amount of caffeine, 5mg, for context a filter coffee is almost 20 times that amount, so it's not really something to be concerned about.

Beyond Greens Ingredients

Rhodolia Root 50mg - Rhodolia has a host of benefits, typically brain function related, not the things that Beyond Greens really sells itself on, however, the effective dosage is 200mg, 4 times the dose in beyond greens. [2]

Matcha Powder 200mg - Matcha is all well and good, this is where most of Beyond Greens liver disease prevention and overall liver health benefits claims come from. As we've already mentioned there are some studies that suggest this, but it's still pretty inconclusive.

Organic Reishi Mushroom 25mg - This is a common issue amongst mushroom supplements, the dosage is too low, the tested dosages are 1800mg. [3] It does have a load of positive uses ranging from a healthy immune system, through to brain health benefits etc. But, that's at the right dosage.

Organic Cordyceps 25mg, Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom 25mg, Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom 25mg - As with the other mushrooms you guessed it, you need grams to be effective not mg, this really isn't going to do anything unless you take 4-8 servings of Beyond Greens in one go. (We do NOT recommend you do this, if only for your wallets sake).

Chlorella 500mg - This is actually a good inclusion, Chorella is pretty good for you all around, Beyond Greens claim it's a source of protein mind, which is a bit of a stretch. But, overall it's good. It's rich in vitamin d, other micronutrients and a lot of essential amino acids. Which is sort of what we'd expect from an algae. It appears to be good for cholesterol, has a heap of other heart health benefits and is pretty good all around. [4]

Echinacea 900mg - So, the problem with echinacea is that it's a dice roll, yes it can raise your immune system, but it depends entirely on where the echinacea comes from [5]. It's not consistent across the plant as a whole. Lab tests have shown it's efficacy to be based on amounts of bacteria within the echinacea plants and the type of soil the plants were grown in, and we have no way of knowing what beyond greens is using, and we doubt they are even 100% sure of the quality here.

Milk Thistle 200mg - Beyond Greens milk thistle choice is fine, it's in a lot of good greens powders, it has been shown to help control blood sugar levels. It's fine, and it's dosed ok here.

LactoSpore 300m - Nothing wrong with this, but it's just not overly impressive to include a single strain in a relatively low dosage in a greens powder, not really a negative or positive in our beyond greens review.

FOS. XOS, Tahl Gum - These are prebiotics, this is fine, they're food for the good bacteria, nothing special, nothing negative.

Cinnamon Bark 314mg - There have been a lot of studies designed to test cinnamons benefits to blood sugar, and the NCCIH lists 8 out of 10 as poor quality and the other 2 didn't actually list the type of cinnamon used, so there isn't really much positive to say here. [6]

Beyond Greens Review Conclusion

Beyond Greens is really more of a mushroom powder crossed with a greens formula than anything else, and like most hybrid supplements fails on all counts by under dosing everything functional with the exception of matcha and milk thistle. But, "beyond that" it also fails on taste and price.

We don't recommend Beyond Greens and would suggest you'd be better picking up Spruce or Super Greens Tonik which both taste better, contain more properly dosed ingredients and are just better products all round. Don't waste your money on beyond greens.

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Criteria Rating
Taste 2/10
Essential Nutrients 2/10
Health Benefits 2/10
Ingredient Quality 2/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 4/10


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