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Why You Should Check Your Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone levels fall as we get older, dropping at a rate of around 1% year on year after the age of 30[1]. Low testosterone levels can cause a litany of issues for men's health. Everything from brain fog and mood swings, through to low libido and weight gain, the latter actually making the problem of low testosterone even worse. Free testosterone levels vary between men, so just because you're testosterone is within the normal range it doesn't actually mean that it hasn't declined rapidly. 

If your body is used to having a higher testosterone range and drops to a mid range level then you may well still experience all of these negative side effects. Which is why it's important for men to check their levels every couple of years and especially if they notice any symptoms that would be a sign of a decline in free testosterone levels. Fortunately testosterone tests are easy to come by in the US, most being a simple blood test that you can do through the post. 

What Can I Do To Raise My Testosterone Levels?

Even if you're take a testosterone test and your levels are within the normal range, there's a lot of reasons men seek to raise their testosterone levels. Most commonly it's for aesthetic reasons and improved gym performance. Men typically look to increase their testosterone levels by one of 3 methods:

Testosterone Boosters
- Improving diet, exercise and lifestyle
Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Of these methods the first choice should always be lifestyle improvements, however, if after this you take another testosterone test, and your free testosterone levels are still low, you will need to see a doctor.

Best Home Testoserone Test Kits FAQ

What Are Medical Test Kits? What Do You Need To Know?

How Do We Select The Best At Home Testosterone Test Kits?

We select reputable brands and test them for, reliability, value, what information you get and how it works. We also check reviews online and the better business bureau. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?
  • loss of sex drive

  • weight gain

  • decreased muscle mass

  • decreased growth of body hair

  • fatigue

  • hot flashes

  • brain fog

  • erectile dysfunction

Best Overall Test Kit - Everlywell Mens Health Tests

We typically recommend the Everlywell mens health test over the testosterone test. Whilst their standard testosterone test would be a good contender for the best budget option, it isn't going to check everything that could be leading to symptoms of low testosterone. 

The mens health test will cover all bases and 9 times out of 10 end up offering you much better value. The mens health test checks multiple hormones and normally delivers results within a couple of days. It's also a saliva test over a blood test. 

The test costs $199 so it's not the cheapest option on our list, although as we already mentioned their pure testostone test is $59 making it a lot more affordable. Everlywell offers a wide range of medical checks and they're a well trusted brand in the space. 

They've been offering saliva and blood testing for years and have had consistent results. We'd recommend that if you want to be sure then Everlywell are a great choice, that's not to say any of the others aren't good. Just that Everlywell offer the gold standard in medical testing. The only real downside is that they're not available in every state.

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1 - - Secular trends in testosterone- findings from a large state-mandate care provider