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Can Yoga Be Used To Combat Raising Arthritis?

JH Center Modified For Arhritis

The above is part of a video guide created to demonstrate how yoga can be modified as a form of physiotherapy for athritus.

Yoga has been seen as a potential treatment for joint pain and ​Arthritis and can be modified to help regain joint mobility. 

Early results from yoga trials in located in Princeton show paricipants with moderate to mild athritis, showed that partipants in one study improved their mobility by 50% and 70% of particpants had reported reduced pain, with a 50% rate of coming off pain medication. This was when practicing 30 minutes of yoga 3 days per week and supplementing for joint related dietary deficiencies. 

Taking a holistic approach to joint health could be the best way to assist the ever increasing rates of arthritis.

Yoga For Arthritis

Yoga has been proven to be effective at supporting mild to moderate cases of osteoarthritis, but there are some caveats. Only work with a qualified instructor and most importantly practitioners with arthritis need to make sure they remember the following words “if it hurts stop”. Yoga should not hurt, if it does then you are likely only going to make your symptoms worse. There are several types of yoga, but Iyengar yoga is the most researched for treatment of arthritis, it is recommend that hot yoga is avoided as the heat could increase inflammation make your joints swell.   

Yoga Community Centers And Seniors

Many local yoga community centers have begun to offer seniors classes designed around maintaining and regaining mobility. Empowering the local community to help improve the nations health is at the heart of Center TRT’s mission. We recommend that local governments encourage the provision and uptake of such local yoga community centers such as the Princeton Yoga Community Center. 

Nutrition, Yoga & Joint Health

Seniors with more severe arthritis should consult with their physician before engaging in any activity that puts pressure on the joints and make sure that the yogi they practice with has knowledge of working with elderly students. We also recommend that nutrition for joint health is maintained, for example taking an omega 3 joint supplement