Marino Intervention

The Marino Foundation for Integrative Medicine and the Marino Centers for Progressive Health. Marino we a mission driven not-for-profit medical organization dedicated to providing, educating, and researching the best of modern medicine and complementary therapies to promote your health and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Most noted for it's progressive weight loss program.

The Progressive Weight Loss Program is a four-week program offered by the Marino Center for Progressive Health that addresses nutritional, metabolic, and lifestyle issues that contribute to weight problems, and offers tools and support for establishing a healthy way of eating and living.

The Program included:
A required one-hour individual meeting with nutritionist Wendy Midgley, MEd, ED, LDN, to assess dietary and exercise habits. Wendy will consider typical habits, nutritional adequacy, "stress" and emotional eating habits, possible carbohydrate sensitivity issues, and exercise habits. Each individual will leave with a personalized dietary plan as well as recommendations of areas to address for long-term health and weight concerns.
Course materials including recipes, meal suggestions, and regular food tastings.
Coping skills taught to deal with physiological drives and mental thought processes/emotional issues behind "dysregulated eating."
Nutrition education including healthy eating styles and nutritional recommendations to enhance fat-burning and promote healthy weight loss.
Group sharing and support for healthy eating and living.