TestoFuel Review

Is TestoFuel Everything It Claims To Be? 

Why Testosterone Is Important.

Testosterone is essential when it comes to mens health it's a vital part of the male endocrine system as it is responsible for the development of masculine traits. The hormone's production declines as we age or can decline sooner due to injury or illness. A decrease in test levels can have some nasty side effects, such as bone mass reduction, libido issues, fat gain, muscle loss, depression and more. We can't do anything to stop aging, but we can make sure our bodies get everything they need to have their best chance at continuing to produce healthy amounts of testosterone, that's where products like Testo Fuel come in.

Benefits of Increasing Testosterone

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Libido
  • Improved Mood
  • More Energy
  • Better Metabolism
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What Is TestoFuel For?

Men seek out testosterone boosters for a variety of reasons, but really it tends to come down to one of three reasons, they want to build more muscle, improve there *ahem* performance, or they’ve noticed a decline as they’ve started to get older (typically natural testosterone production drops by 1% per year after the age of 30) and want to make sure they’re getting the best from their diet to make sure that’s not part of the problem.

Testofuel has been a leading brand in the natural testosterone booster market for a long time and if you’re reading this you probably want to know, if it works, and how well it works. Well, the good news is yes it works, the bad news is that it’s not going to turn you into the rock, unless you are the rock, in which case well done? 

Fortunately, the good news is pretty good, even just one ingredient in Testofuel has been proven to increase test levels in men with low testosterone (vitamin d3) by around 40% and that’s just one ingredient, hell it’s probably one of the most common ones, there’s fair few more where that came from that have similar effects and Testofuel crammed them all into one pill. So, if your diet, or lifestyle has been a big part of what’s been killing your mood, gains or libido, then in theory Testofuel has you covered in one pill without you needing to figure out exactly what you’re missing.

TestoFuel Review FAQ

We look at some of the most commonly asked questions about Testo Fuel

Is TestoFuel Safe?

Testofuel is an all natural testosterone booster, meaning it is completely safe, unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients, such as the oyster extract. The all natural ingredients mean that you don't have to worry about having any side effects or adverse reactions whilst looking to boost testosterone levels.

What Does TestoFuel Do?

Testofuel uses a blend of clinicly proven ingredients to raise testosterone levels, it's most effective for men over 30 who are seeing a natural decline in testosterone.

How Does TestoFuel Work? 

Testo fuel has a number of ingredients that work in different ways to increase testosterone. This includes tackling common vitamin deficiencies which can lead to low test, as well as including ingredients proven to boost testosterone production in anyone. It also has ingredients that are chosen for their abilitiy to bind to estrogen, meaning that you'll lower the estrogen levels in the body leaving you with more "free testosterone".

Is TestoFuel Safe For Diabetics?

Yes, it's completely safe for Diabetics.

Is TestoFuel FDA Approved? 

TestoFuel is made in line with FDA guidelines and GMP, produced in certified facilities in the United States.

How To Take Testofuel? 

When tating TRT or any type of test supplement it's important to make sure that you follow the manufacturers guidelnes. In this case that means that you need to take it 4 times a day.

  • One with breakfast
  • One with a morning snack
  • One with lunch
  • One at dinner

Which, can seem like quite a lot. But, if you want to get the best results, then it's important that you use exactly as specified. 

How Long Do I Have To Take TestoFuel Before I See Results? 

Generally speaking about a month, although some people see results in as little as 2 weeks. It will also depend on how much work you yourself put in and where your test levels were at when you started. 

Main Benefits Of TestoFuel

Improved Gains

We all know testosterone is a key indicator of how much muscle you can put on, if you want to not only improve your performance, but how much you get from the same work out, raising your test levels can be key. This study[1] showed that higher test meant people who didn't work out gained more lean muscle mass than those who did when they had higher test levels. Because it will dramatically improve your recovery it can also reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. 

Libido Increase

Low test levels can be crippling to a mans libido, it is predominantly caused by the psychological effects of low testosterone, but it can even have an impact on blood flow restricting performanc even further. So If you want to pack a little extra punch TestoFuel could help, in short more testosterone means you'll probably want more fun time with the other half.

Metabolism Improves

Testosterone increases lead to a faster metabolism and improvements in your body's ability to break down fat. Maybe it won't get you absolutely shredded, but it can have your body working closer to how it did when you were younger, meaning you can cut some of that stubborn body fat.

Better Mood

Men's brains need testosterone to keep a healthy emotional balance. Improving it will reduce stress, irratibility and have increase self esteem, even without considering the negative effects that lower testosterone can have on your performance and looks which serve to lower it further. Improving test 

According to fitness legends, like Robby Robbinson (former Mr Olympia) TestoFuel helps them feel younger, stronger and happier than they did before. He claims it helps him keep training just as hard as he did when he was younger and that since using it he's seen real muscle growth. 

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TestoFuel Before And After

Mr Olympia Masters Says TestoFuel Helps Him Stay Shredded Despite His Age.

TestoFuel aren't short of before and after pics and testemonials, with 100s of men experiencing notable muscle growth after increasing their testosterone levels. Click the button to see more.

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What’s In TestoFuel?

Testofuel has a large volume of high quality ingredients, it also avoids hiding it’s contents and publishes them willingly, likely because they’re all high quality and it outstrips the competition in its price bracket, it contains a generous helping of: 

Vitamin D3 – 4000IU - which as we mentioned before is one of the leading vitamin deficiencies which leads to low testosterone levels and the dosage has you completely covered. As it stands most countries in the northern hemisphere recommend vitamin D supplementation all year round. Low vitamin D levels directly cause low testosterone levels, with supplementation raising test levels by up to 46% in deficient men[2] almost half of the US population is deficient. And beyond that vitamin D was also shown to boost athletic performance[3], and almost seemed to have no cut off point, although it did have diminishing returns. 

Vitamin K2 – 18mg – K2 helps boost the function of vitamin D3. K2 is slightly different than K1 which is found in most test boosters, and has an improved bioavailability. Meaning that you absorb more and need less. It's a little bit more expensive and we don't see it included in a lot of boosters, but we like it as an ingredient. 

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – 2300mg - DAA helps regulate hormone release, particularly the luteinizing hormone that allows your body to produce testosterone. This makes D Aspartic Acid a must have in any of the best test supplements as it's core to helping you boost testosterone.

Asian Red Panax – 100mg – Proven to help boost nitric acid levels, allowing for greater mucscle pump, this is perhaps a bit of a vanity element, but we’re not complaining. It also improves insulin sensitivity and some studies have shown it can directly impact testosterone levels. 

Fenugreek – 100mg – This herb is rich in zinc, magnesium, selenium and has been shown to decrease the male hormone binding globulin which decreases free testosterone in the blood stream. 

Vitamin B6 – 5mg – Regular supplementations of B6 have been shown to reduce the build up of oestrogen, meaning you'll have more free testosterone, by making sure your body produces estrogen sex hormone binding globulin. If that wasn't enough of a positive by itself, it has a host of other health benefits, including increased energy and work out performance, which is why you'll see it in a lot of pre workout supplements.

Oyster Extract - 100mg – Part of testofuel’s USP, we couldn't write a testofuel review without talking about the Oysters, it does mean it’s not suitable for vegetarians, but it has been shown to inhibit aromatization, the process that converts testosterone into estrogen[4], this makes testofuel quite useful as a testosterone booster for PCT. Oysters are also rich in Zinc, which means that testofuel has been able to include lower dosages of zinc directly and still deliver the optimimum amount for a testosterone boosting supplement.

Magnesium – Magnesium has been shown to increase metabolism, increase workout performance and boost sleep quality. It also helps you train harder as it helps your muscle cells when they contract, reducing risk of cramping or muscle spasms. It has also been shown to help muscle recovery after the muscle tissue breakdown.

Zinc - This mineral boosts luteinizing hormone which controls the brains signals that tell your body to produce testosterone.   


  • High Quality Ingredients
  • None Proprietary Blend
  • Known and Trusted Brand
  • Mr Olympia Endorsement
  • Safe Ingredients
  • 1000s Of Positive Testofuel reviews
  • Made In FDA Approved Factories


  • Not cheap, although quite reasonable in bulk. 
  • Not suitable for vegetarians, vegans or people with oyster allergys
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Ok, So What’s The Bad News About TestoFuel?

Well it’s not TRT, it’s not going to pull you from low test levels to high ones, but if you’re experiencing the normal drops this could be exactly what you need to get you feeling younger again. Former Mr Olympia Robby Robinson swears by it, although of course, we always have to be a little weary of endorsements, but, it's not like it's just Robby that swears by it.

Our Pesonal TestoFuel Reviews

After taking TestoFuel for a couple of months, our tester Mike, reported having increased his lifts whereas previously he had hit a wall, we did also get him to do some postal testosterone level tests both before and after with medichecks. 

He was originally at 20.9nmol and had increased to 24.4nmol, whilst this may not seem like much, an increase like that's 15%. Which would suggest that the TestoFuel had some impact. Mike was already following a well balanced high protein diet, training 5 times a week and previously supplementing vitamin D.

Whilst a sample of 1 is not a good representation, it does suggest at least in this case positive results. 3.5nmols may not have made a huge difference in this case, but for someone with low test, 8 or below, 3.5nmol's could be a startling difference. 

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